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Artist Profiles: Ricardo Miño

Ricardo Miño

Ricardo Miño Alvarez was born in 1949 in Sevilla, Spain. He began his remarkable career at 10 in his native Triana, the most Gypsy of Sevilla’s neighborhoods. At twelve, Ricardo began his professional career by touring with Pepe Marchena and La Niña de los Peines in the now legendary tour Asi Canta Andalucia.

At thirteen, Ricardo became a student of acclaimed guitar maestro Niño Ricardo and soon after began to accompany legendary singers and guitarists such as Antonio Mairena, Pepe Pinto, El Fosforito and Paco de Lucia.

He has recorded for various labels in Spain, such as CBS, Hispavox, Columbia, Belter and Dial among others.

His international tours include performances in Japan, Morocco, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, England, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and the United States of America.

Ricardo Miño has recorded several collaborations with sitar player Gualberto, including Puente Mágico and Con Trastes.

His son Pedro Ricardo Miño is an acclaimed flamenco pianist.


Flamenco Fury (1976)
Flamenco de Concierto (Claves, 1976)
Puente Mágico (Dial, 1983)
Jacaranda (Senador, 1992)
Puerta De Triana (Senador, 1998)
Con Trastes (Pasarela CDP5/724, 1998)


Ricardo Miño: 50 años caminando juntos by Ángel Vela Nieto, Published by Sevilla: Libros con duende, 2014. ISBN: 9788493988692.


Gualberto & Ricardo Miño plus Ariadna Castellanos to Perform at ‘Flamencos and mestizos’ in Spain

Gualberto & Ricardo Miño
Gualberto & Ricardo Miño

Sitar player Gualberto, flamenco guitarist Ricardo Miño and flamenco pianist Ariadna Castellanos are set to perform today, Thursday, March 17, 2016 as part of the ‘Flamencos and mestizos’. The concert produced by SGAE Foundation will take place at Sala Berlanga in Madrid.

Gualberto García Pérez was a member of Smash, an iconic Spanish rock groups. He’s one of the pioneers of Andalusian rock. His music has evolved over time, absorbing influences from jazz, progressive rock, folk, Indian music, chamber music and flamenco. Along with Ricardo Miño he recorded in 1998, the album Con –Trastes, a perfect dialogue between flamenco guitar and sitar.

Gualberto & Ricardo Miño
Gualberto & Ricardo Miño

Ricardo Miño was born in the heart of Triana (Sevilla). Influenced by flamenco music that permeates the Triana neighborhood atmosphere, at age 12 he was already a professional musician. His gift for guitar led him to travel the world, exporting flamenco to Japan, the Americas and Europe. His work has been recognized with the National Guitar Award Manolo de Huelva.

Ariadna Castellanos - Photo by Jorge Calvo
Ariadna Castellanos – Photo by Jorge Calvo

Ariadna Castellanos is a pianist, composer and one of the emerging figures of flamenco jazz. Her piano approach is unique, mixing flamenco, jazz, electronics and other genres. She has collaborated with flamenco artists like Pepe de Lucía, Jorge Pardo, Agustín Carbonell “El Bola” and Niño Josele as well as international stars like Paco de Lucia, Michel Camilo, Alejandro Sanz, Herbie Hancock and Richard Bona, among others.