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Artist Profiles: R.A. Ramamani

Karnataka College of Percussion

R.A. Ramamani, a vocalist of high standing, is Vice President of Karnataka College of Percussion. She sings with spontaneity and mastery over rhythm and melody, and specializes in vocal improvisation and the percussion language known as konnakkol. In addition to her work in Indian classical music, she has experimented with western music and has written several fusion compositions. She has performed in India and abroad with leading western musicians.


Reise, with Embryo (Schneeball, 1979)
Sangam, with Charlie Mariano and Louis Banks (Eigelstein, 1981)
Jyothi, with Charlie Mariano (1983)
Life, with Embryo and Charlie Mariano (1980)
Germanistan, with Dissidenten (1982)
Germanistan Tour 83, with Dissidenten (1983)
The Jungle Book with Dissidenten (1984)
Shiva Ganga with Dr. Raghavendra (1995)
Blue Glass with C. Hinze (1997)
River Yanuma (Music of the World, 1999)
Bangalore Wild, with David Rothenberg (2000)
The Great Train Journey, with Dr. Ragavendra and Charlie Mariano (2002)
Om Keshav, with Charlie Mariano (2005)