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Artist Profiles: Paban Das Baul

Paban Das Baul

Paban Das Baul is a Westernized baul who speaks several languages, including Bengali, Hindi, English and French. He is also an accomplished painter.

As well as a singer, Paban is a virtuoso of the dubki, a small but loud tambourine. He also plays the dotara – a small, fretless lute; the ektara, a one-string instrument; a high-frequency bell; and a pitch-shifting drum called the khomuk.


Real Sugar (Real World, 1997)
Inner Knowledge (Womad Select, 1997)
State of Bengal vs. Paban Das Baul (Real World, 2004)
Tana Tani – Push & Pull (Real World, 2004)
Music Of The Honey Gatherers (Riverboat Records)