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Gregg Kofi Brown’s Musical Journey

Gregg Kofi Brown – Rock ‘n’ Roll and UFOs

Gregg Kofi Brown – Rock ‘n’ Roll and UFOs (Gonzo Multimedia UK, 2016)

Guitarist and songwriter Gregg Kofi Brown played in a band called Osibisa in the 1970s. Osibisa was one of the pioneers of Afro funk rock and afropop.

Rock ‘n’ Roll and UFOs is a collection of songs from Gregg Kofi Brown’s career. It features unreleased songs, remixes and demos with various musicians, including former band members Osibisa.

The musical influences on Rock ‘n’ Roll and UFOs include pop, acoustic folk, funk, Afropop, disco, and soul.

Guests include guitarists Dominic Miller and Gus Isidore, Bomb da Bass, Osibisa, The cast of the Who’s Tommy, The Chimes’ Pauline Henry, and the Who’s former keyboardist John Rabbit Bundrick.

The album was released in conjunction with Gregg Kofi Brown’s autobiography of the same name that provides details about his early career in Los Angeles and London.