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Artist Profiles: Lubna Salame

Lubna Salame

Lubna Salame was born in Haifa and now lives in Kfar Yassif. She is a resident singer with the Nazareth Orchestra.

As a child, she began singing classical Arabic songs with a church choir. She specialized in singing songs of Um Kulthum, Layla Mourad and Yisman. Already on her first concert – at the Israeli Festival 2000 alongside with Sapho and Zehava Ben – she won the audience’s love and appreciation and became a star overnight.


Live in Nazareth, with Arab Orchestra of Nazareth (Magda, 2002)
Oum Kolthoum: The Anniversary Tribute, with Nazareth Orchestra (2004)
Israel in Egypt: From Slavery to Freedom (2012)