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Artist Profiles: Lior Elmaleh

Lior Elmaleh

Lior Elmaleh, who has been the Israeli Andalusian Orchestra’s resident soloist for a number of years, is one of the leading representatives of the new generation of performers of Medieval Andalusian music. Born in 1974 in Kiryat Shmona, he studied classical Andalusian song – and the bakkashot (“petitions”) in particular – with Nissim Shoshan, the famous exponent of liturgical music.

A highly accomplished singer, Elmaleh possesses a vocal quality unique among Israeli performers, and, despite his young age, he is considered an extremely experienced interpreter of the many and varied types of Andalusian song


Yagel Yaakov – Yismach Israel
The Supplications – Shirat Ha’bakashot, a 10 CD set
Orchestre Andalou D’Israel with Lior Elmaleh (Magda, 2011)
La Sublime Porte – Voix D’Istanbul – 1430-1750 ‎(Alia Vox, 2011)
Mare Nostrum ‎(Alia Vox, 2011)
Granada 1013 – 1502 ‎(Alia Vox, 2016)