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Artist Profiles: Kol – Tof Duo

Kol – Tof Duo

Kol Tof Trio was formed by three musicians. Three instruments, three native lands, three languages, all gathered in Jerusalem to play the music of Morocco which remembered Spain, which in turn, yearned for Jerusalem.

The trio was born out of deep love and appreciation of the Moroccan Jewish musical traditions, thanks to a special bond between Moroccan born ud player Armand Sabach, singer Esti Kenan Ofri and percussionist Oren Fried. Together they brought a personal and distinctive selection of four different musical repertoires: Spanish women’s songs from northern Morocco, sung in their original language (the Haketia); songs in Jewish Moroccan Arabic dialect; Moroccan Jewish liturgical music; and classical Andalusian songs sung in Arabic.

The Trio won the Israeli Ministry of Culture award for best chamber ensemble 2002, performed at the “Strictly Mundial” festival in Marseilles 2003 and played in various concerts and festivals in Europe and Israel.


Gazzelle (Magda, 2003)