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Artist Profiles: Harikumar Sivan

Harikumar Sivan

Harikumar Sivan (formerly S. Harikumar) was born in 1980. He is an A grade violinist of All India Radio since the age of 16. Harikumar is a native Kerala and now works in Delhi.

Harikumar is a disciple of violin master Dr, L Subramaniam. He has worked with great musicians such as Pandit Kishan Mehraj, Anindo Chatterjee, T N Sesha Gopalan, and others. He has a deep knowledge of Hindustani and Carnatic music as well as western music.

His musical style is what is known as New Indian Classical Music which contains both Carnatic and Hindustani elements. For example one Carnatic Keerthanam (Ambavani Rag Keervani ) in the Hindustani style of improvisation, creating what he calls “New Indian Music”