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Artist Profiles: Hamavayan Ensemble

Hamavayan Ensemble

Led by Iranian master instrumentalist and composer Hossein Alizadeh, the Hamavayan Ensemble performs new interpretations of classical Persian music. The unique ensemble features female vocalist Afsaneh Rasaei and male vocalist Pouria Akhavass with musicians Pejman Hadadi (tombak, daf-percussion); Ali Boustan (setar-lute); Hossein’s fraternal twin sons Nima Alizadeh (robab-lute) and Saba Alizadeh (kamancheh-spike fiddle) and Hossein Alizadeh on the shurangiz, a new instrument designed by him.

The six-string shurangiz, the newest of Alizadeh’s many innovations in the Persian classical tradition, is considered a cross between a tar, setar and tanbur (all Persian lutes) and played by combining all those instruments’ techniques.


Ode to Flowers (Bâ Music Records)
If, Like Birds And Angels, I Could Fly… (Traditional Crossroads, 2011)