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Eljuri Releases a Set of her Reggae Songs

Eljuri – Resiste – La colección Reggae de Eljuri

Eljuri – Resiste – La colección Reggae de Eljuri (Manovill Records, 2019)

New York-based Ecuadorian singer and guitarist Cecilia Villar Eljuri, better known as Eljuri, has released a compilation of her crossover original reggae songs.

Eljuri’s Spanish-language lyrics include calls for political activism, an end to gun violence and love songs. Her style combines reggae and dub with catchy Latin pop and rock. Eljuri is also a quite good guitarist and occasionally treats the listener to skilled solos.

Standout tracks include the roots reggae songs “El Aire” and “Empuja,” recorded with Jamaican reggae icons Sly and Robbie.

“I feel compelled to testify honestly, powerfully and without fear,” says Eljuri. “I’ve learned from the masters of reggae how to speak my mind boldly, giving voice to the concerns of many. I am so inspired to live in a time where we are all confidently pressing for change together.


La Lucha

Eljuri - La Lucha
Eljuri – La Lucha

Eljuri – La Lucha (Manovill Records, 2016)

La Lucha (the fight) is the new album by Ecuadorian-American guitarist and songwriter Eljuri. Even though she’s described as a skilled rock guitarist, this album is primarily focused on Eljuri’s vocals raher than her guitar-playing ability. And while there are rock, reggae, bachata and dub influences, in essence, this is a pop album with lyrics in Spanish and English featuring pop vocal hooks and rhythms.

Eljuri plays a wide range of instruments including acoustic and electric guitars, electric tres, keyboards and percussion programming.

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