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Austrian Celts

Black Market Tune – Drifters & Vagabonds

Black Market Tune – Drifters & Vagabonds (Galileo MC GMC076, 2017)

Black Market Tune is an Austrian world music groupled by fiddler Paul Dangl. Although Black Market Tune performs Celtic music on many tracks, the band also features Swedish music and Austrian tunes from the Alps along with jazz elements and a handle of electronics.

The band members include Austrians Paul Dangl, Christian Troger and Johanna Kugler; and Scottish accordionists Colin Nicholson and John Somerville.

The fiddlers do an outstanding job at switching from Scottish /Irish to Nordic styles of fiddling and providing superb interplay with the accordionists. On the vocal side, there is a fine balance between the male and female vocals and also an ability to switch from Celtic to Tyrolian vocals.

Personnel: Paul Dangl on fiddle and vocals; Colin Nicholson on accordion and bodhran; John Somerville on accordion; Christian Troger on guitar, mandolin, electric guitar, effects; and Johanna Kugler on fiddle, viola, and vocals.

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Federspiel’s Album “Smaragd” Wins German Record Critics Award

Smaragd” by Austrian band Federspiel won in two categories of the short list 1/2017 at the German Record Critics Award. “Smaragd” won in the Cross border and Traditional ethnic music categories.

The jury issued a statement through Heinz Zietsch about “Smaragd”: “Massive but none the less extremely agile, lively yet elegant – brass ensemble Federspiel, from the Austrian Wachau region, is exceptionally talented.

Alpine Folk Music arranged and played with great humor and a subtle irony, mixed with world music and old Austrian sounds to the beat of Landler and Waltz. Viennese zither and a music box season the sound of the wind instruments and a dash of synthesizer brings refreshing flavors to the table.

The septet radiates wild imagination, enthusiasm and delight in experimenting. Their humming, mumbling and whispering, yodeling and singing, up to the highest reaches of artistic creativity. And then all of it comes down like does a good wine: just like the “Smaragd”, the noble grape produced in the Wachau.”



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Austrian Band Alma Wins German World Music Award

Austrian act Alma won the 2017 German World Music Award “Festival-Ruth.” The Ruth is one of the four yearly awards from Rudolstadt-Festival, the biggest German World Music Festival TFF Rudolstadt.

Alma (meaning soul in Spanish) includes five musicians from Austria, four women and one man, with roots in Jazz, folk and classical music. Their music crosses boundaries, incorporating Alpine and Transalpine sounds from Central Europe.

The band will release its third album, titled Oeo, in June 2017.

The lineup includes Julia Lacherstorfer on violin, vocals; Evelyn Mair on violin, vocals; Matteo Haitzmann on violin, vocals; Marie-Theres Stickler on diatonic accordion, vocals; and Marlene Lacherstorfer on double bass, vocals.


Recent Alma-Videos:




A first Oeo teaser:



More at: www.almamusik.at


A Look at Vienna’s Music Scene

Various Artists - Radio Vienna - Sounds from the 21st Century
Various Artists – Radio Vienna – Sounds from the 21st Century

Various Artists – Radio Vienna – Sounds from the 21st Century (Galileo MC GMC065 CD, 2016)

This compilation intends to provide a look at some of the music made currently in Vienna, Austria’s capital. The collection features different genres. Pop in German-language and cabaret style songs dominate Radio Vienna, although there is also Klezmer, folk-pop and jazz.

The highlights include the German language jazz crooning of Willy Landl; the slow tempo blues guitar of Alex Miksch Trio; and the Balkan-rooted world music sound of award-winning female ensemble Madame Baheux.

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