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Arnaud Ciapolino’s Splendid Flutes

Arnaud Ciapolino – Serenità (Paker Prod PAKER PROD 017, 2015)

Serenitá showcases the versatility of flute wizard Arnaud Ciapolino. O his solo debut, the Breton musician delivers a delightful set of performances using several variations of the concert flute.

The musical influences range from contemporary Celtic and British Isles folk to jazz and laid back blues. There is exquisite interplay between Ciapolino’s flutes and various instruments such as the fiddle, guitar and trombone.

Although most of the album consists of instrumentals by Ciapolino, there are also two English-language songs included.

Serenità features first class musicians from France and Scotland. Personnel: Arnaud Ciapolino: flute, alto flute, bass flute, and piccolo; Eilidh Shaw on fiddle; Mike Clinton on bass; Johan Dalgaard on keyboards, Fender Rhodes piano, accordion, bass, guitar, autoharp, ukulele; Latabi Diouani on drums; Kris Drever on guitar, baritone guitar, mandolin, vocals; Fidel Fourneyron on trombone; Angus MacKenzie on border pipe, Scottish small pipe, highland pipe and whistles; Ross Martin on guitar; Nicolas Quémener on guitar, vocals; and Alasdair White on fiddle.



Serenità is a splendid album that reveals a highly talented flute player who transcends musical borders.


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