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World Fusion Ensemble Ancient Future to Perform in Las Vegas

Ancient Future in 2018 – Photo by by Julie Martin, Sharif and Inni Singh

The ground-breaking world fusion group Ancient Future will perform as a trio on Saturday, September 8, 2018 at the Winchester Cultural Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The lineup for this concert includes innovative guitarist Matthew Montfort on scalloped fretboard guitar, Arabic violin maestro Georges Lammam, and Indian tabla master Vishal Nagar.

This program will combine the rhythms and melodies of the Arabian Peninsula, Spain, and India with contemporary jazz and rock. Musical concepts such as taqsim (an Arabic method of melodic improvisation), tala (the recurring rhythmic cycles of Indian classical music), and compás (the rhythmic structure of flamenco) will be showcased.

The will include music from Ancient Future’s wide-ranging repertoire including music from the band’s major label releases such as World Without Walls and current releases such as Planet Passion, Yearning for the Wind, and the Archive of Future Ancient Recordings.

September 8, at 2:00 p.m.
Winchester Cultural Center, located at 3130 S. McLeod Dr. in Las Vegas, Nevada.
For more information, call 702-455-7340 or visit parksreg.clarkcountynv.gov for tickets. Admission is $12 in advance and $15 the day of the show.


Artist Profiles: Matthew Montfort

Matthew Montfort

The leader of the world fusion group Ancient Future, Matthew Montfort, released his first solo recording, ‘Seven Serenades for Scalloped Fretboard Guitar’ in 2009. He is a pioneer among guitarists who have had their fretboards scalloped in order to play various forms of world music that require intricate note-bending ornaments while still being able to play chords.

Montfort immersed himself in an intensive study with veena master K.S. Subramanian in order to fully apply the South Indian gamaka (note-bending) techniques to the guitar. The December 2009 Les Paul issue of Guitar Player Magazine includes a full page feature on Matthew Montfort with a corresponding GuitarPlayer.Com video and lesson entitled “The Music of Jimi Hendrix Applied to Indian Raga.”

He has performed concerts worldwide, from the Festival Internacional de la Guitarra on the golden coast of Spain to the Festival of India in Mumbai. He has worked with many world music legends, including tabla phenomenon Zakir Hussain and Chinese zither master Zhao Hui.

Montfort wrote the book “Ancient Traditions – Future Possibilities: Rhythmic Training Through the Traditions of Africa, Bali, and India,” which has been used by many musicians to improve their rhythm skills.


* Visions of a Peaceful Planet (1979, Ancient-Future.Com 2004)
* Natural Rhythms (Philo/Rounder 9006, 1984)
* Quiet Fire (Narada Lotus 1012, 1986)
* World Without Walls (Narada/Sona Gaia 163, 1990)
* Dreamchaser (Narada/Sona Gaia 154, 1998)
* Asian Fusion (Narada Equinox 63023, 1993)
* Planet Passion (Ancient-Future.Com AF 2001, 2002)
* Seven Serenades for Scalloped Fretboard Guitar (Ancient-Future, 2009)


Artist Profiles: Ancient Future

Ancient Future in 1990

The music of Ancient Future is a fusion of rhythms and exotic sounds featuring virtuoso musicians from around the globe. Their music combines contemporary jazz and rock with the rhythms of Africa, Bali, India, the Middle East and South America, the rich harmonies of European classical music, and the melodic knowledge of the whole world.

Formed in 1978, Ancient Future is one of the first and longest running musical organization dedicated exclusively to the mission of creating world fusion music.

Two of the founding members, Matthew Montfort and Benjy Wertheimer, were childhood friends in Boulder, Colorado, who dreamed of forming a band together.

In the summer of 1977, Wertheimer and Montfort arrived to Northern California to study North Indian classical music at the Ali Akbar College of Music. There they met the members of the Diga Rhythm Band (an offshoot of the Grateful Dead featuring tabla master Zakir Hussain, Mickey Hart, and Jerry Garcia), moved into the house that the group rehearsed in, and formed a new band including Diga Rhythm Band members Tor Dietrichson, Jim Loveless, Ray Spiegel, and Arshad Syed.

The new band rehearsed at the Grateful Dead studio and performed a number of concerts before splitting up into two groups: a Latin band, and the world fusion music group Ancient Future. Ancient Future can therefore be thought of as having formed as an offshoot of an offshoot of an offshoot of the Grateful Dead.

The original members of Ancient Future studied with the master musicians of many world music traditions, from Balinese gamelan director Mad? Gerindem to North Indian sarod master Ali Akbar Khan. They used their knowledge of world music to create something new and uniquely their own that is respected by pundits from the cultures whose traditions are a part of the mix.

Over the years, Ancient Future has expanded its musical vision through collaborations with master musicians from more than two dozen countries, cultures, and musical traditions who are now an integral part of what is today more than just a band.

Ancient Future has grown to become a large multinational music ensemble with many smaller ensembles within it, enabling Ancient Future to realize its core mission of creating world fusion music.

Ancient Future has released seven full length studio CDs selling over 150,000 units: Visions of a Peaceful Planet, Natural Rhythms, Quiet Fire, Dreamchaser, World Without Walls, Asian Fusion, and Planet Passion. Over one million legal mp3 files from three of these releases on Ancient-Future.Com Records have been distributed commercially. This of course does not count files distributed illegally (Ancient Future’s leader, Matthew Montfort, was selected as the proposed Class Representative for Independent Musicians Against Napster due to the large number of Ancient Future files being traded illegally). Ancient Future has also recorded two live CDs and a video (for release on DVD) of a live concert featuring four different versions of the band.

Ancient Future has performed over a thousand shows worldwide, headlining such venues as Carnegie Recital Hall (New York City), Great American Music Hall (San Francisco), Hult Center for the Performing Arts (Eugene), Yoshi’s (Oakland), Sangeetha Indian Music Concert Series (St. Louis), and even a night club called Atlantis in Beirut, Lebanon, with a Piranha tank in the middle of the dance floor and a bar that doubles as an aquarium.

They have appeared at every type of festival imaginable including the Festival Internacional de la Guitarra (near Barcelona, Spain), Asian/Pacific Festival of Fortune, Northwest Regional Folklife Festival, Oregon Country Fair, Sand Harbor Jazz Festival, California WorldFest, Monterey World One, Sierra Nevada World Music Festival, San Luis Obispo Mozart Festival, and the Summer of Love 30th Anniversary in Golden Gate Park.

Dance versions of the band have pumped up dance crowds at techno/DJ events such as the Groove Garden and Harmony Festival’s Techno Tribal Dance with their 100% organic loop-free grooves.

Ancient Future in 2016


* Visions of a Peaceful Planet (1979, Ancient-Future.Com 2004)

* Natural Rhythms (Philo/Rounder 9006, 1984)

* Quiet Fire (Narada Lotus 1012, 1986)

* World Without Walls (Narada/Sona Gaia 163, 1990)

* Dreamchaser (Narada/Sona Gaia 154, 1998)

* Asian Fusion (Narada Equinox 63023, 1993)

* Music From the Tea Lands -Various Artists (Putumayo World Music Collection PUT180-2, 2000)

* Planet Passion (Ancient-Future.Com AF 2001, 2002)

* Putumayo Presents: Asian Lounge – Various Artists (Putumayo World Music Collection PUT 244-2, 2005)

* Yearning for the Wind (2014)

Web Site: www.ancient-future.com


Ancient Future to Perform at Trinity Chapel

Ancient Future
Ancient Future

Pioneering world fusion act Ancient Future is set to perform on Saturday, February 11, 2017 at Trinity Chapel in Berkeley. The concert will feature guitarist Matthew Montfort, tabla master Vishal Nagar, and Mariah Parker on piano and santur.

Ancient Future combines world music traditions such as flamenco and Indian ragas with modern jazz and rock. The trio will perform new musical pieces along with favorites from the band’s eight recordings. The band’s discography includes Quiet Fire, Asian Fusion, Dreamchaser, Yearning for the Wind, Planet Passion, and World Without Walls.

Trinity Chamber Concerts
Trinity Chapel
2320 Dana Street between Bancroft Way & Durant Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94704
Information and reservations: 510-778-1719


Ancient Future will perform two concerts Jugalbandi Concerts in Arizona

Ancient Future
Ancient Future

On August 25, 2006, at 8 p.m., Ancient Future will play at Future Studios at 30 Hozoni Dr. in Sedona, AZ. Call 928-282-9139 for further information on Ancient Future’s first ever appearance in Sedona.

On August 26, 2006, 6 p.m., the Pakistani Information and Cultural Organization will host an Independence Day Celebration Event: Diversity through Fusion, at the Sheraton Crescent Hotel, 2620 W Dunlap Ave, in Phoenix, AZ. Ancient Future will perform in their Guitar/Sitar Jugalbandi ensemble variation in their first show in the Phoenix area since 1996. Tickets to the event are $60. For further information, call 480 515-2030 or email info@pakistaninformation.org.

The concerts feature Matthew Montfort on scalloped fretboard guitar, Pandit Habib Khan on sitar, and Arshad Syed on tabla performing fusion music based on Indian classical music.

Phonetic pronunciation guide:

Jugalbandi (pr: Joo*guhl*buhn*dee)

sitar (pr: sih*tawr)

tabla (pr: tuh*bluh)

Montfort (pr: Mawnt*fort)

Pandit Habib Khan (pr: Pun*dit Haw*beeb Khawn)

Arshad Syed (pr: Ar*shawd Sai*ed )

This ensemble is a version of the popular world fusion music group, Ancient Future, the world’s first and longest running ensemble dedicated to the creation of world fusion music. BILLBOARD calls the group “trendsetters” for contributing to the genre. Established in 1978 by musicians studying at the Ali Akbar College of Music, Ancient Future has grown to become a large chamber ensemble of 28 world music masters with many smaller ensembles within it. This allows for the ensemble to realize its core mission of creating many types of world fusion music.

“Jugalbandi” is a classical North Indian musical duet (literally “tied together”), in this case with the unusual configuration of sitar and guitar accompanied by tabla. Matthew Montfort is a pioneer of the scalloped fretboard guitar (an instrument combining qualities of the South Indian vina and the steel string guitar). This internationally
recognized musical team has enthralled audiences from California to Beirut, Lebanon, where Pandit Habib Khan was described as the “Jimi Hendrix of the sitar” by L’ORIENT LE JOUR, Beirut’s French language newspaper.

Matthew Montfort is the leader of the world fusion music ensemble Ancient Future. Montfort spent three months in intensive study with vina master K.S. Subramanian in order to fully apply the South Indian gamaka (note-bending) techniques to the scalloped fretboard guitar. He has performed concerts world wide, including at the Festival Internacional de la Guitarra on the golden coast of Spain near Barcelona.

Pandit Habib Khan is regarded as one of the best sitar players in the country today. He was born into a family of musicians and can trace his lineage back several generations to when classical music enjoyed the patronage of the nobility and royalty of India. He began his training at the tender age of five under the strict eye of his accomplished father, Ustad Hameed Jaffer Khan. Arshad Syed is an original member of the Diga Rhythm Band, which included tabla master Zakir Hussain and Grateful Dead percussionist Mickey Hart. He also performs with the Zakir Hussain Rhythm Experience, and as an accompanist with top classical Indian music artists such as Ustad Sultan Khan.