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Daniel Santiago and Pedro Martins, Two Exceptional Guitarists from Brazil

Daniel Santiago & Pedro Martins – Simbiose (Adventure Music, 2018)

Simbiose is an exquisite guitar album by two of Brazil’s finest guitarists: Daniel Santiago and Pedro Martins. It’s a delightful set of interactions between acoustic and electric guitars with the addition of mesmerizing wordless vocals.

Most of the compositions are by Daniel Santiago except for one, where Pedro Martins takes the lead. The captivating music contains contemporary acoustic, jazz, classical and Brazilian traditional music elements.

Daniel and Pedro are friends, who grew up Brasilia. Daniel Santiago plays the acoustic guitar and Pedro Martins is on electric guitar. Both musicians provide vocals as well.

Simbiose is a masterfully constructed album filled with emotion and virtuosity.

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Artist Profiles: Don Ross

Don Ross

Don Ross was born November 19, 1960 in Montreal, Canada. He is one of the top acoustic guitarists in North America. He was born into a musical family. By age 10, Don was already playing in alternate tunings and exploring finger-style technique, a right hand discipline similar to classical guitar playing.

Preferring to follow his musical intuition in writing original material, Don’s music displays a high degree of emotion and intensity. His self-taught musical journey results in an unclassifiable musical style that borrows from jazz, folk, rock and classical music.


Bearing Straight (Duke Street, 1989)
Don Ross (Duke Street, 1990)
Three Hands (Duke Street, 1992)
This Dragon Won’t Sleep (Sony Canada, 1995)
Wintertide (Sony Canada, 1996)
Loaded, Leather, Moonroof (Sony Canada, 1997)
Passion Session (Narada, 1999)
Huron Street (Narada, 2001)
Robot Monster (Narada, 2003)
Music for Vacuuming (CandyRat, 2005)
Four Way Mirror (Goby Fish, 2006)
Live in Your Head (Goby Fish, 2006)
Wave From Your Window (Goby Fish, 2007)
The Thing That Came from Somewhere, with Andy McKee (CandyRat, 2008)
Any Colour (Goby Fish, 2009)
Breakfast for Dogs (CandyRat, 2010)
Upright and Locked Position (CandyRat, 2012)
12:34, with Calum Graham (CandyRat, 2013)
PS15 (CandyRat, 2014)
Flake (CandyRat, 2014)
A Million Brazilian Civilians (CandyRat, 2017)


Nordic fingerstyle Virtuosity

J-P Piirainen – Twined

J-P Piirainen – Twined ((Bafe’s Factory / Nordic Notes, 2017)

Twined is the new release by Finnish fingerstyle guitarist J-P Piirainen. The guitar virtuoso is deeply influenced by acoustic guitar maestros from the Celtic music scene, flamenco and American fingerpicking traditions. Piirainen adds Nordic music into the mix.

On Twined you’ll find fiery and laid back solo performances as well as various collaborations. J-P Piirainen’s guests include Venla Ilona Blom (Tuuletar) who provides her remarkably beatbox skills; kantele player Maija Kauhanen; and acoustic guitarist Petteri Sariola.