Artist Profiles: Khaled Habib

Khaled Habib
Khaled Habib
El-Kebich composes and performs a type of rai that is both traditional and modern. He has developed a personal musical mix in which he blends different musical styles as well as music from all over the world and creates an exciting and unique musical style which is both innovative and captivating. His music could be described as having influences of funk, jazz, reggae, blues, Latin rhythms as well as folk tunes from various corners of the world. The same applies to the mix of instruments with everything ranging from traditional drums to electric guitar.

The fact that his style has its roots in rai music mixed with a variety of different musical directions, is partly because he is originally from Algeria and partly because he has written and performed music for a number of bands of different ethnic background, such as Down By Law in Italy, New Phases in South Africa, Aquarius in France, Hada Raïna in Sweden, and others.

Khaled Habib presents his musical style with great energy and charm, especially in his live performances. He performs with a number of musicians from different ethnic backgrounds, and on occasion also with two dancers, one flamenco and one oriental.

He has also participated at major northern European festivals such as: Falun Folk Musik Festival, Roskilde Festival, ArtGenda Festival, Stockholm Water Festival, Re:Orient Festival, Folk o Folk Festival, Verlden i Norden Festival, and others.

Khaled Habib’s artistic field extends into the domains of performing and directing his shows, as well as composing music for film and theatre, such as the play Celestina set up at the Swedish Royal Dramatic Theatre ( Dramaten ) under the direction of Robert Lepage (1997-98), and the film Nattbok by Karl Henrik Svenstedt.


Ultima Jam (2003)
Nostalgia (Raimix Music, 2004)
La Celestina
Leila (Raimix Music)
Khaled Habib Live (2005)
Ultima Jam (2007)

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