Artist Profiles: Beihdja Rahal

Beihdja Rahal
Beihdja Rahal
Beihdja Rahal grew up in Algiers (Algeria) in a family who played Arab-Andalusian music every day. She studied song with the grand master Mohamed Khaznadji and also learned to play a type of lute called kuitra. Most of Beihdja Rahal’s recordings are dedicated to the Arab-andalusian form known as nuba.

In 1993 she started her own orchestra El Beihdja in Paris, and continues to give many concerts all over the world. Her success has earned her the title in Algeria of ‘the golden-voiced diva.’


Nouba Zidane 1 (Editions Med, 1995)
Nouba Mezmoum 1 (Editions Med, 1997)
Nouba Rasd 1 (Editions Med, 1999)
Nouba Dil (Club du Disque Arabe, 2001)
Nouba Ghrib (Disques Dom, 2001)
Nouba Maya (2002)
Nouba Raml 1 (2002)
Nouba H’sine (Inedit, 2002)
Nouba Rasd eddil (2003)
Nouba Raml el Maya (Playasound, 2003)
Nouba Sika 1 (2003)
Nouba M’djenba (2004)
Nouba Mezmoum 2 (2004)
Nouba Rasd 2 (2005)
Nouba Zidane 2 (Inedit, 2006)
Poésiades (Air Mail Music, 2007)
Nouba Raml 2 (2008)
Nouba Sika 2 (2009)
Nouba Ghrib 2 (Editions Belda, 2010)
La Nouba Dil 2 (Editions Belda, 2011)
La Nouba H’sine 2 (Editions Belda 2012)
La Nouba Maya 2 (Editions Belda, 2013)
La Nouba M’djenba (Editions Belda, 2014)
La Nouba Raml (Editions Padidou, 2015)
La Nouba Rasd eddil 2 (Editions Ostowana, 2016)

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