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Tempest in 2012

Tempest is an American Celtic rock band founded by vocalist and mandolin player Lief Sorbye, drummer Adolfo Lazo, guitarist Rob Wullenjohn, and bassist Mark Showalter. They are based in Oakland, California.

Tempest has been recording and performing since 1988 and has released numerous CDs. The band’s sound goes beyond a folk-rock band. Although Tempest’s foundation is traditional Celtic folk music, the group also incorporates Norwegian, American folk and progressive rock elements.

Their CDs have received critical acclaim not only in North America and Europe but all over the world as well from Japan to Argentina.

Tempest keeps its enthusiastic followers satisfied with frequent touring in the USA and abroad. The band has appeared at major music festivals worldwide.

The lineup has had numerous changes throughout the years. The group is led by founding members Lief Sorbye and Adolfo Lazo.


Bootleg (Heyday, 1991)
Serrated Edge (Beacon, 1992)
Sunken Treasures – Previously unreleased tracks from 1989 to 1992 (Firebird, 1993)
Surfing To Mecca (Firebird, 1994)
Turn Of the Wheel (Magna Carta, 1996)
The Gravel Walk (Magna Carta, 1997)
The 10th Anniversary Compilation (Magna Carta, 1998)
Live at the Philadelphia Folk Festival (Tempest, 1999)
Balance (2001)
Shapeshifter (2003)
15th Anniversary Collection Box Set (2004)
The Double-Cross (2006)
Lief’s Birthday Bash Party (2007)
Prime Cuts (2008)
Another Dawn (2010)
The Tracks We Leave (2015)