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Artist Profiles: Wild Fire Music Troupe

Wild Fire Music Troupe is a group of Taiwanese indigenous musicians from various and diverse music traditions. The musicians create their own unique music based on their intimate knowledge of the traditional music of their elders.

The group is composed of Sangpuy, who both plays and builds the traditional instruments of the Puyuma: bamboo flute, nose flutes and the jaw harp; percussionist and singer Leo Chen, originally from Nanwang Village, in Taitung County who is part of the younger generation of indigenous musicians who moved to Taipei to develop their music; and Hsiao Mei, an Amis singer that has studied nearly all of Taiwan’s indigenous traditional musical styles and whose delicate low-toned singing is often described by her peers as the ‘melodious hum of our tribal elders as they weave and pick plants and herbs.’


Artist Profiles: Lo Sirong

Lo Sirong

Lo Sirong is an award-winning poet and singer-songwriter from Miaoli. One of Taiwan’s rare female singer-songwriters, Lo draws inspiration from her Hakka heritage and upbringing.

Traditional Hakka music and literature in Taiwan is often associated the natural beauty of mountains and rivers and rural life. In her music Lo sets out to reinterpret and bring a new vitality to the traditional music and imagery that surrounded her as a young child. Influenced by her father the poet Lo Lang Lo Sirong enters her musical world through her poetry; she applies an improvisational style that highlights both her vocal and literary talents to produce intimate meditations on love family and the human spirit in everyday life.

Lo has produced a large body of work and has written hundreds of songs in Hakka Hokkien and Mandarin Chinese. She has won a number of awards for both her songwriting and poetry from major publications in Taiwan.


Artist Profiles: Lin Sheng-xiang

Lin Sheng-xiang

Lin Sheng-xiang is one of the most prominent folk musicians in Taiwan today. As a founding member of the groundbreaking Labor Exchange Band Sheng-xiang fused social activism, folk-rock sensibility and the traditional music of his Hakka roots to widespread acclaim.

His album ‘Planting Trees’ continues his on-going collaborations with poet and lyricist Chung Yong-feng, Okinawan musician Takashi Hirayasu and guitarist Ken Ohtake of Japan.


Artist Profiles: Inka Mbing

Inka Mbing

Vocalist Inka Mbing performs rarely-heard Atayal songs as well as her own compositions that are unique in their focus on the perspectives of Atayal women. Long active in the indigenous rights movement in Taiwan, Inka is also a member of the Feijuyuenbao Group, a musical collective dedicated to promoting and supporting aboriginal culture and arts.

Inka Mbing has represented Taiwan in a number of world music festivals around the world.


Artist Profiles: Mia Hsieh

Mia Hsieh

Mia Hsieh was born in a port city in Taiwan and now lives in Taipei city. She has been working in the art field and community development for many years. Her movement training includes modern dance, Tai Chi and Indian dance. She has also studied vocal training in traditional Nan-Kwan singing and contemporary vocal performance with Meredith Monk and Lynn Book in New York City, as part of her time there on a Fulbright scholarship.

Mia has developed her own performance style that she calls “singing body” physical theater. She has performed with renowned Taiwanese and international artists in dance, theater, music, visual art and film. She leads several different types of workshops rerlated to creativity and healing through movement and voice.

She is the lead vocalist for Taiwanese world music band A Moving Sound.


A Moving Sound (Motema Music)


Artist Profiles: Betel Nuts Brothers

The Betel Nuts Brothers
The Betel Nuts Brothers

The Betel Nuts Brothers are a group of Pangcah aborigines from eastern Taiwan who blend traditional indigenous music with blues and Taiwanese folk. The group’s members come from all walks of life. Singer and guitarist Huegu is a construction worker; his brother Abi who sings and plays percussion; singer and jembe player Budu also works as a construction worker; and guitarist Docdoc is a surgeon.

The Betel Nuts Brothers was nominated for Golden Melody Award Taiwan’s most prestigious pop music award for their 23 release Hunters Who Lost Their Lands.


Artist Profiles: A Moving Sound

A Moving Sound
A Moving Sound

In the music of A Moving Sound traditional Taiwanese, Chinese and neighboring Asian music forms are fused in new original song compositions. Instruments such as the Chinese erhu (a vertically held, bowed instrument), the zhong ruan (Chinese guitar), an assortment of western instruments, and the transcendent vocals and dance of lead singer Mia Hsieh, transport listeners on a journey across various musical cultures.

A Moving Sound has attracted international attention for opening doors to the under explored territory that is Pan-Asian music. The group is intensely passionate about how it presents the use of traditional instruments in its contemporary sound. Their approach is to be holistic – combining art, spirituality, social awareness, and a universal love of humanity play key roles in the creative process.

A Moving Sound</a A Moving SoundA Moving Sound (Motema, 2012)