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Artist profiles: Taj Weekes

Taj Weekes

Taj Weekes is a singer-songwriter who tells tales of poverty, oppression hopelessness and rejection, counterweighing them each with a message of Rastafari faith and spirituality. On his debut CD Hope and Doubt Taj sings about life’s struggles.

Born the youngest of ten children, Taj Weekes grew up on the Caribbean island of St Lucia. He became aware of the disparity between the affluent tourists and the striving locals early on. Religion and music were the two main salvations for the Weekes family, St. Lucians of Ethiopian descent and the songs they learned at church often followed them home. “It was like a Caribbean Von Trapp family. Someone was always singing in some corner of the house or entertaining the rest of us,” explains Weekes. While church music played a big role in Taj’s life so did the sounds that emanated from his stereo: everything from The Mighty Sparrow to Paul Simon to Nat King Cole. Taj himself began singing by age five and started composing his own calypso music by the time he was eleven years old.

When his role model and older brother Desmond nicknamed MPLA discovered Rastafarianism Taj quickly had his own spiritual awakening. Yet by his late teens Taj found the island’s 238 square miles too stifling and grew weary of its rigid dichotomies. He headed for the vast opportunity-filled North American mainland to pursue a music career: first to Toronto and then to New York where he found a home.

Taj formed a band and named it Adowa in tribute to his Ethiopian grandfather and to an 1896 battle in which Ethiopian Emperor Menelik II thwarted off Italian invaders, a milestone in Rastafarian history. He has been cultivating a following in New York City ever since singing his stories at venues such as S.O.B.’s, Lion’s Den, the Apollo and Irving Plaza.

Taj Weekes – Photo by TryTing

In 2019, Weekes released 1.5 Is Still Alive featuring Kendel Hippolyte, Linda Chocolate Berthier, Zara McFarlane, Razia Said, Aaron Silk, Bushman, Kenyatta Hill, Jafe Paulino, Sidney Mills


Hope & Doubt (AlphaPocket Records/Jatta Records, 2005)
Deidem (Jatta Records, 2008)
A Waterlogged Soul Kitchen (Jatta Records, 2010)
Pariah In Transit live (Jatta Records 2013)
Love Herb & Reggae (Jatta Records, 2016)
1.5 Is Still Alive (Jatta Records, 2019)


St. Lucian Reggae Artist Taj Weekes Receives Top Humanitarian Award

Taj Weekes receiving the Les Pitons Medal (Gold) from the Governor General of St. Lucia, H.E. Dame Pearlette Louisy
Taj Weekes receiving the Les Pitons Medal (Gold) from the Governor General of St. Lucia, H.E. Dame Pearlette Louisy

Reggae Artist, philanthropist and CEO of non-profit They Often Cry Outreach (TOCO) Taj weekes has been awarded the Les Pitons Medal (Gold) under the Order of Saint Lucia by the Governor General of Saint Lucia, H.E. Dame Pearlette Louisy.

Weekes’ citation lauded him for the consistency with which TOCO continues to implement programs that honor TOCO’s aim to elevate the human condition for youth, especially those at risk. The citation noted that “Mr. Weekes has shown tremendous commitment to service with his hands-on approach to implementing TOCO’s programs”.

Taj Weekes’ active participation in TOCO’s programs is at the center of the Foundation’s success, a factor that has earned him recognition in various spheres. These include the International Consortium of Caribbean Professionals who conferred on him the distinction of Goodwill Ambassador (2007), the Brooklyn-based Saint Lucia House Foundation who awarded him with their humanitarian award (2012) and, UNICEF which officially appointed Weekes a Champion for Children in Eastern Caribbean (2013).

Weekes uses his celebrity as a reggae artists to serve and speak on behalf of the children of the Caribbean. He personally travels and distributes donated items to the islands, lectures to high school and college students on topics ranging from volunteerism to acceptance and tolerance, and donates his own money to ensure that TOCO can fulfill its missions.