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Artist Profiles: Siavash Nazeri

Siavash Nazeri was born on the 1979 in Tehran. Siavash had the advantage of having Shahram Nazeri (one of the best known Iranian singers in the world) as his uncle. He was introduced to music at an early stage of his life. At the age of 13 he started to play the Daf without ever going to classes or having a master. Later, for a short period of time he benefited from the lessons given to him by the well known masters of the instrument; they were Bijan Kamkar and after that it was Ahmad Khaktinat and then Ardeshir Fahimi who gave him some lessons.

With a passion for Daf that was like the passion for life he learned two styles of playing that were completely new and apart from others. These groups include Kamkars and Dastan Ensemble; Young Iranian National musicians and also Traditional Iranian music group 8 and Rumi Ensemble.

He has participated in number of concerts. Kurdish music concert with the Kamkars group, with singing of Shahram Nazeri in Solaimanieh in Iraq for 3 nights in September of 2000.

In October of 2000 he participated in one night of charity concert for children with cancer. The group was Dastan Ensemble with the singing of Shahram Nazeri; the conductor of this concert was Hamid Motabassem. It was held at the Milad Hall in Tehran’s International Fair. Since then he has participated in dozens of concerts with Shahram Nazeri and with several ensembles.