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Combining the traditions of Buryat-Mongolian, the sound of Siberia and rock music, Shono (wolf in Buryat) Band was found in 2014 by musician and throat singer Alexander Arkhincheyev. Shono Band leans heavily on the Buryat musical traditions that includes musical epics or uligers, throat singing and the horse-head fiddle backing the lot with guitar, bass and drum driven rock music.

The group has received accolades on the Russian festival circuit and in performance spots in Russia and Siberia.

Shono released their first recording Okhotniki (Hunters) in 2015.

Shono Band’s members include Alexander Arkhincheev on throat singing vocals, moriin khuur, tsoor, sukha and huur, Evguenia Tomitova on yataga, Konstatin Tokarsky on drums and Vladimir Sidorov on vocals bass guitar and vargan.


Throat Singing from Eastern Siberia

Shono – “Hunters. Throat singing from the shores of Baikal” (Sketis Music SKMR-122, 2016)

Shono is a new ensemble from eastern Siberia that skillfully combines traditional Buryat and Mongolian throat singing techniques and musical instruments with modern rock and jazz instruments and arrangements. It’s what Russians call ethno rock.

The band’s repertoire includes Buryat traditional songs about hunting, the beautiful mountains, friendship, warriors, Lake Baikal, wedding songs, and wolves as well as Buryat ritual dances and a handful of originals.

Three of the musicians have mastered the art of throat singing. On Hunters you’ll hear styles such as khoomei and sygyt.

Shono was founded in 2014 by musician and storyteller Alexander Arhincheev.

The lineup on Hunters includes Alexander Arkhincheev on vocals, throat singing, morin khuur, suur, sukha khuur, and limbe; Beligto Sambuev on acoustic guitar, electric guitar, throat singing; Vladimir Sidorov on bass, throat singing, and khomus; and Dmitriy Zanin on drums and percussion.

“Hunters. Throat singing from the shores of Baikal” is fascinating fusion of traditional folk music and rock highlighting the mesmerizing throat singing styles.

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