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Sean Ardoin’s Louisiana Creole Music Innovation and Passion

Sean Ardoin – Kreole Rock and Soul (Louisiana Red Hot Records/Zydekool Records, 2018)

Although accordion virtuoso and vocalist Sean Ardoin comes from a well-known Creole musician family in Louisiana, his new album Kreole Rock and Soul takes the music beyond traditional Zydeco roots music to a fascinating new realm.

Sean Ardoin grew up immersed in Creole tradition, but he also listened to all types of music, from Earth Wind and Fire and Kiss to Fishbone and Bob Marley. He injects fiery rock, irresistible funk, engaging pop and soul hooks, reggae and remarkable accordion solos.

Sean Ardoin

This successful, modernized form of Creole music features all lyrics in English to reach a wider audience.

Kreole Rock and Soul preserves the family tradition while at the same time takes Creole music to a new level, making it highly attractive to new audiences.