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Artist Profiles: Roberto Carcassés

Roberto Carcassés, also known as Robertico, graduated in percussion from the Escuela Nacional de Arte, in 1991. He toured as a pianist with the “Grupo de Santiago Feli” in Argentina, Germany and Spain between 92 and 95. He also took part on a tour in Spain and USA with the group Columna B, between 98 and 99. He taught at Stanford University, in the Jazz Workshop for two years (98-99).

He was invited to perform at the following festivals: Jazz Festival in Barcelona (97), Festival de La Habana (95,96,97) and Utah Jazz Festival (98). He recorded the CDs: “Trampas del tiempo” (Pavel y Gema) for Nube Negra Records, “Jazz Timbero” (Bobby Carcasses) for Tummy Music Records, “Columna B” for Mambo Music, Selma Reis for Velas Records. He composed the soundtrack to the film “Violetas” (Mexico), 1997. He also composed some songs for the movies “Cuarteto de La Habana” (Spain) and “New Rose Hotel” (USA).

He participated as a collaborator with the following personalities: Chucho Valdés, Gonzalito Rubalcaba, Changuito, Winton Marsalis, George Benson and Harper Simon. His most recent disc is The Cuban Jazz Project: Roberto Carcassés “Invitation” for the recording company Velas Records.

Roberto Carcassés is another excellent surprise from the current Cuban musical scene. Today Roberto takes form as a pianist and musician in the most ample sense of the word. The CD Roberto Carcassés “Invitation” is part of the series “The Cuban Jazz Project Invitation” is a sample of the many aspects of his musical capacity. Roberto assembled for the recording the best musicians from this generation of Cuban music, like the brilliant trumpet player “El Indio” and the sax players César López and Alfred Thompson of the famous Irakere Band.

Roberto is the son of Cuban jazz legend Bobby Carcasses.


Invitation (Velas, 2000)