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Enduring Kinship and Hope Navajo Songs

Radmilla Cody – K’é Hasin

Radmilla Cody – K’é Hasin (Canyon Records CR-6542, 2016)

Diné (Navajo) singer, songwriter and community activist Radmilla Cody presents a collection of mostly a cappella songs dedicated to an important Diné teaching known as K’é Hasin.

K’é means kinship and it is the basis for Navajo identity and existence as a people. K’é goes beyond immediate family and encompasses relationships stretching across Navajo society.

K’é Hasin translates as Enduring Kinship and Hope. It includes new songs by Herman Cody and Radmilla Cody. The songs allude to the Circle of Life; the new born; kinship honor; the four essential elements: fire, water, air and Holy Earth; mother’s love; leadership values; disposing of trash; happy morning songs; Diné Way of life teachings; clan songs; compassion and good thoughts; mother’s advice; and also a humorous song about a PT Cruiser (car).

The CD booklet contains Navajo and English-language lyrics.

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Fourteenth Annual Native American Music Awards Announce Winners

Album of the Year: Shi Keyah Songs For The People by Radmilla Cody

The Winners for the 14th Annual Native American Music Awards were announced live on Friday, May 10th in the Events Center of the Seneca Niagara Hotel & Casino in Niagara Falls, New York. The awards celebrate the music recorded by the indigenous nations and tribes of North America.

Winners were chosen by the combined votes of the Native American Music Awards (N.A.M.A.) Advisory Board Membership Committee with an international general public voting membership. General Public voting was open on the Awards website VOTE NOW page where music selections of all nominees were featured. Over 200 CD and DVD recordings submitted this year for nomination consideration.

Winners of 14th Annual Native American Music Awards:

Artist of The Year
Tony Duncan – Earth Warrior

Best Blues Recording
Up From the Ashes – Mitch Walking Elk

Best Compilation Recording

The Longest Walk – Lorena Windfeather Navarez

Best Country Recording
Ali Fontaine – Ali Fontaine

Debut Artist of the Year

Ryan Little Eagle Molina – Straight From the Heart

Debut Group of Year
Big River Cree – The Old Way

Best Female Artist: Fawn Wood - Iskewewak: Songs of Indigenous Womanhood
Best Female Artist: Fawn Wood – Iskewewak: Songs of Indigenous Womanhood

Best Female Artist
Fawn Wood – Iskewewak: Songs of Indigenous Womanhood

Best Folk/Americana Recording
Spirit of a Woman – Kelly Jackson

Best Flute Recording
Joseph FireCrow – Night Walk

Best Gospel/Inspirational Recording
The Desire of Nations – Honey Dawn Karima and Cloudwalker

Group of the Year
Big City Indians – Tuwa

Best Historical / Linguistic Recording
Celebrate – Kalan Wi

Best Instrumental Recording
Homeland Nation Soundtrack – Rickey Medlocke

Best Male Artist: Wayne Silas Jr. - True Round Dance Songs
Best Male Artist: Wayne Silas Jr. – True Round Dance Songs

Best Male Artist
Wayne Silas Jr. – True Round Dance Songs

Best New Age Recording
Among The Ancients – Rushingwind & Mucklow

Best Pop Recording
Stay With Me Baby – Jana Mashonee

Best Pow Wow Recording
Memories – Emmanuel Black Bear

Best Producer
Francois Couture – Yahndawa

Best Rap Hip Hop Recording
Love Me Down – Ralphael Deas

Record of the Year
Shi Keyah Songs For The People – Radmilla Cody

Best Rock Recording
Find My Way – Saving Damsels

Song/Single Of The Year
Hear My Cry – Frank Waln & Cody Blackbird

Songwriter of The Year
Peter Sackaney – Where Love Belongs

Best Spoken Word Recording
I Am Woman, Kwe – Lena Recollect

Best Traditional Recording
Tsionathonwisen – Akwesasne Women Singers

Best Short Form Music Video
A Tribute To Our Heros – CC Murdock

Best Long Form Music Video
Homeland Nation – Various Artists

Best Waila Recording

In Loving Memory – T.O. Combo

Gary Small & the Coyote Bros - Hostiles & Renegades
Gary Small & the Coyote Bros – Hostiles & Renegades, winner of Best World Music Recording

Best World Music Recording
Hostiles & Renegades – Gary Small & the Coyote Bros

Native Heart

Sybille Hummingbird – Serenity

Living Legend
Nelly Furtado

Hall Of Fame

Russell Means


Contemporary Navajo Songs by Radmilla Cody

Radmilla Cody – Spirit of a Woman

Phoenix (Arizona), USA – From the heart of Navajoland comes Radmilla Cody’s Spirit of a Woman. Radmilla, a former Miss Navajo, expresses the recent personal struggles other life in her second album for Canyon Records which is a mixture of songs in the traditional Navajo style plus original contemporary songs.

Of note is a version of “My Country ’tis of Thee” sung from the Navajo perspective. Special guest artists include Radmilla’s uncle Herman Cody, Klee Benally of Blackfire, and Miguel Batista. Batista, who pitches professionally for the Toronto Blue Jays, makes his musical debut playing the Native American flute on three songs.

Radmilla’s first recording with Canyon Records, Seed of Life, was a 2002 AFIM Indie Awards winner for Best Native American Music Album. Cody also received the Best Female Artist Award at the 2002 Native American Music Awards.

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