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Flamenco Innovator Niño de Elche to Perform in New York

Niño de Elche

Niño de Elche, as groundbreaking flamenco artist, is set to perform his latest project Antología del Cante Flamenco Heterodoxo on Wednesday, March 14, 2018 at 7:30 p.m. The performance will take place at Schimmel Center in New York City.

Multi-disciplinary artist and contemporary deconstructionist Niño de Elche combines flamenco singing and toque with performance art, poetry, improvisation, minimalism, singer-songwriting, rock and electronics. The performance is curated by Isabel Soffer/Live Sounds and is part of the New York Flamenco Festival.

Niño de Elche is a multi-faceted cantaor (flamenco singer who mixes flamenco singing and guitar with performance art, poetry, improvisation, minimalism, rock and electronics. His latest work features various Spanish musical styles and poetry such as classical zarzuela pieces, versions of Federico Garcia Lorca’s songs, the fandangos of Helios Gómez, and the caracoles (flamenco subgenre) of Valcárcel Medina.


La Negra, Radio Cos and Niño de Elche to Perform at WOMEX

Radio Cos
Radio Cos

Spanish artists La Negra, Radio Cos y Niño de Elche are set to perform at world music showcase WOMEX in Santiago de Compostela (Spain), October 19-23. The three acts are presented by Sounds From Spain, a platform designed to promote Spanish music overseas.

About the artists

Flamenco artist Amparo Velasco, known as La Negra, has worked with artists such as José Mercé and Vicente Amigo. She combines jazz, African rhythms and Latin beats with flamenco roots. She recently released an album titled Colore (Colors).

Vocalists and percussionists Xurxo Fernandes and Quique Peón are Radio Cos, a well-known band from Galicia. They reconfigure Galician traditional music, fusing sounds of the countryside with other elements. They wll be joined by Pedro Lamas on bagpipe and soprano sax, Nikolay Velikov on violin and Xan Pampín on accordion.

Francisco Contreras, known as Niño de Elche, is an unconventional singer and multidisciplinary artist. His compositions combine flamenco vocals and guitar with poetry, improvisation, rock and electronics, among others. His new album is titled Voces del Extremo, (Voices of the Far).

La Negra and Radio Cos will play at the official WOMEX stage at Plaza de la Quintana. La Negra is scheduled for October 21 at 21:00. Radio Cos will perform on and October 22 at 21:45.

Meanwhile, Niño de Elche will appear at Atlantic Stage (Teatro Principal) on October 20 at 22:30, sharing the bill with Nakany Kanté, Narf & Timbila Muzimba, Xabier Diaz and Xarnege.