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Artist Profiles: Lo Sirong

Lo Sirong

Lo Sirong is an award-winning poet and singer-songwriter from Miaoli. One of Taiwan’s rare female singer-songwriters, Lo draws inspiration from her Hakka heritage and upbringing.

Traditional Hakka music and literature in Taiwan is often associated the natural beauty of mountains and rivers and rural life. In her music Lo sets out to reinterpret and bring a new vitality to the traditional music and imagery that surrounded her as a young child. Influenced by her father the poet Lo Lang Lo Sirong enters her musical world through her poetry; she applies an improvisational style that highlights both her vocal and literary talents to produce intimate meditations on love family and the human spirit in everyday life.

Lo has produced a large body of work and has written hundreds of songs in Hakka Hokkien and Mandarin Chinese. She has won a number of awards for both her songwriting and poetry from major publications in Taiwan.