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Artist Profiles: Lian Ensemble

Lian Ensemble

Lian Ensemble is a group of classically trained virtuoso performers and composers who perform Persian Sufi music with a unique style that combines purity of form with creative experimentation.The core performers are:

The Lian Ensemble was established in 1996 by Pirayeh Pourafar (tar and setar) and Houman Pourmehdi (tombak, daf, and vocals).


The Name of the Beloved (1998)
Banquet in the Tavern of Ruin (1999)
Dar Shekarestan (2000)
Syncopation (2001)
The Call of Love (2001)
Light and Fire (2002)
Khake Heyran (2004)
The Hidden Sacred-Dark Wing (2005)
Pangea – The Tale of Unity (2006)
The Window (2010)
Majnun (2014)