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Wholehearted Songs of Solidarity

Ferhat Tunc – “Kobani” (KKV, 2016)

Kurdish-Turkish singer-songwriter Ferhat Tunç dedicates his new album to Kobani, the northern Syrian city that was devastated by ISIS terrorists. Ferhat Tunç has made many politicians uncomfortable with his songs. In the album “Kobani” he expresses his solidarity with Kurds, Alevis, Yazidies and Armenians, by recording songs about their stories, their suffering and pain.

Although the album contains Turkish and Kurdish influences, the majority of the album contains pop and soft rock arrangements that target a western audience.

Ferhat Tunc has assembled a collection of original songs and an Armenian folk song, singing in Turkish, Kurdish and Armenian languages. On one song he is joined by celebrated Mari Boine, who represents an ethnic minority in Scandinavia with a history comparable to the Kurds in Anatolia.

The album was arranged by Osman Ismen with assistance from Knut Reiersrud. The lineup includes Ferhat Tunc on vocals; Knut Reiersrud on electric guitar; Alp Dogan Tureci and Rune Arnesen on drums and percussion; Øyvind Kristiansen on piano; Eyup Hamish on ney; and Ertan Tekin on duduk. A string ensemble from Istanbul and a youth choir from Oslo also participated in the recording.



“Kobani” illustrates the suffering of the peoples of the Middle East through a collection of heartfelt songs that feature the exceptionally expressive vocals of Ferhat Tunc.

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