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Artist Profiles: Khaled Arman

Khaled Arman
Khaled Arman

Khaled Arman is a musician, composer and improviser. He has dual musical training. On one side he has studied the Afghan and Indian tradition. On the other hand, he has also studied Western music.

Arman won the first prize at the Radio France International guitar Contest in Paris. He composes both acoustic and electronic pieces. For Kabul Workshop, the band he founded, together with Italian keyboardist Francesco Russo, he has developed the technique to play the rubab at a high level of perfection. The instrumentalist plays the rubab with a bow, as it used to be played.


Trigana (Night & Day NDCD 081/Tinder, 2002)

Rubab Raga by Khaled Arman & Yussuf Mahmood (Harmonia Mundi, 2004)

Earth And Ashes soundtrack

Sazenda (Arion, 2005)

Orient-Occident, 1220-1770 (Alia Vox, 2006)