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Artist Profiles: Johan A. Andersen

Johan A. Andersen

Johan Andreas Andersen was born in 1938. He preserves the traditional music of Unjárga/Nesseby in county Finnmark. He has collected a number of songs and joiks from the Varanger area. The Nesseby songs are more melodic than the songs in the inland regions in Finnmark. They sometimes include long texts, often about nature, animals people.

Andersen learned most of these joiks from his father, Anders Persen, who was a well-known traditional joik singer in Nesseby, but he also composes his own joiks. He has toured several times for the Norwegian Concert Institute, and has participated in various international cultural exchanges and conferences for indigenous peoples.

On his debut CD in 1999, he presented joiks with simple arrangements by Fred Endresen.

Johan A. Andersen has a special ability to imitate the sounds of animals and birds. He has worked as a sailor, hunter, fjord fisherman, cook and Sami handcrafts.

The album Unnengukká viežžak contains traditional songs as well as two originals.


Hoi Hoi mun lávlestan (Idut ICD 991, 1999)
Unnengukká viežžak (Idut, 2009)