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Artist Profiles: Gaiteiros de Lisboa

Gaiteiros de Lisboa

Gaiteiros de Lisboa is a folk-traditional-world band of multi-talented musicians who got together around a sonorous project that stands on the constant search for new sounds. This has leaded the group to the creation of original instruments such as Tubaros d’Orpheu, Tubaroes, Orgaz, Cabecadecompressorofone, Clarinete acabacado and Serafina. Their experimental attitude sets up a bridge between Tradition and Modernity. by blending traditional styles with contemporary sensibilities.

The group has started out in 1991 as a street animation group. After several changes, it is presently formed by Carlos Guerreiro (voice, sanfona, panflutes, tubaros de Orfeu, buzio, percussion); Jose Salgueiro (voice, flugel, panflutes, tubaros de Orfeu, búzio or conch shell, percussion), Rui Vaz (voice, gaita, ocarina, panflutes, percussion), Pedro Casaes (voice, panflutes, percussion), Jose Manuel David (voice, trompa or French horn, gaita, flutes, percussion), Paulo Marinho (gaitas, flute, svina, panflutes, buzio, percussion) and Paulo Charneca (percussions, tubaroes).

They have played with the most important Portuguese musicians and bands having backgrounds in different genders such as rock, jazz, pop, folk, classical and early music.


Invasões Bárbaras (Farol Música, 1995)
Bocas do Inferno (Farol Música, 1997)
Dança Chamas (Farol Música, 2000)
Macaréu (Aduf Edições, 2002)
Sátiro (Adufmúsica/Sony, 2006)
Avis Rara (D’Eurídice, 2012)