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Malawi’s one-man band Faith Mussa Releases Kalilima

Multifaceted Malawian musician Faith Mussa has a new album titled Kalilima. The album features irresistible African rhythms combined with subtle electronics, glistening production and layered guitars. Using loop stations, Faith mixes new and old. “What I enjoyed the most was the process of blending traditional vibes with modern musical genres,” Faith says.

Faith Mussa – Kalilima

Kalilima is the result of three years and multiple sessions that took place in a variety of places including a horse ranch, hotel rooms, balconies, a bell tent, a small village in Mchinji-Malawi and an orphanage. “We didn’t sit down with an ‘aim’ in mind,” says Faith of its origin. “But as an artist I feel like the album is defying borders. It brings together worlds that have always been apart.”

It was a night at a horse ranch after a festival that Faith first met and worked with Nico Bentley and Beating Heart’s Ollywood. It was this collaborative moment that led to him working with the label that connects Africa’s past to its future on this album.

Other collaborators such as Papa Ngoni Fiston from Afriquoi and producer Chris Pedley also took place as a result. “I have collaborated with a lot of talented musicians in my musical journey,” Faith elaborates. “But my collaboration with Beating Heart really brought out something exciting. My writing process has really changed after meeting them. Without losing seriousness and quality, I had to write quickly, think fast, and also adapt quickly. ”


Artist Profiles: Faith Mussa

Faith Mussa

Faith (CheMuphuwa) Mussa was born in August 1985 in Ndirande, Malawi. Faith began playing hand-made gallon guitars when he was just 10 years-old in Blantyre, Malawi. He played in his family’s band called The Mussa Family Band that toured throughout the country playing weddings, parties, churches and anywhere else that would have them.

This early craving to pluck music from apparently nowhere and to do so with impassioned autonomy continued for years and now he has become Malawi’s first and only one-man electronic band – a position that has taken him from his dusty hometown to collaborating with global stars Rudimental & Martinez Brothers on their single ‘Sitigwana’.

Musically, Faith Mussa represents the multidimensional nature of being a one-man band and playing a variety of instruments – including traditional ones such the badza, manjerenjeza and the mbalule. “I am a fusionist,” he says. “I love to fuse modern musical sounds with my Malawian traditional vibes – my music is rich in African traditional and modern sounds.”


Kalilima (Beating Heart, 2019)
Desperate (2013)