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El Juntacadaveres – Twists and Turns

El Juntacadaveres – Twists and Turns (Zimbraz/Music & Words, 2015)

El Juntacadaveres (the corpse gatherer) is a Netherlands-based band led by Argentine multi-instrumentalist Enrique Noviello. On Twists and Turns, the multinational band presents a tasty mix or Argentine tango and folk rhythms with jazz, funk, twang, reggae and rock.

The band’s sound revolves around the interactions between and saxophone, bandoneon and Santanaesque-electric guitar.

The lead vocals are in Spanish and English. In some songs, the band includes rapping that is somewhat annoying.

Lineup: Enrique Noviello on vocals, bandoneon, saxophone, organ, guitars, percussion; Kris “Scale” Strybos on vocals, scratches; Onan Van De Weyer on electric guitar; Patrick Vankeirsbilck on bandoneon; Domingo De Jesús López on grand piano; Michel Spiessens on bass; and Luc Bas on drums.