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Artist Profiles: Ceolbeg

Ceolbeg – Ceol beag is a Gaelic phrase meaning literally small music. It refers to the jigs, reels, and strathpeys of traditional Scottish pipe music and contrasts with ceol mór, the big music of the pibroch or classical Highland bagpipe repertoire. Ceolbeg’s music ranged from solo instrumental pieces to powerful bagpipe driven Celtic rock.

The original lineup included Peter Boond on flute and whistles; Mike Katz on bagpipes, whistles and bass; Colin Matheson on bass, keyboards, guitar, and mandolin; Davy Steele on vocals; Wendy Stewart on clarsach (harp); and Jim Walker on percussion.

The group disbanded in 2001.


Not the Bunnyhop (Greentrax Recordings, 199)

Seeds to the Wind (Greentrax Recordings, 1991)

An Unfair Dance (Greentrax Recordings, 1993)

5 (Greentrax, 1996)

Cairn Water (Greentrax Recordings, 2000)