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Enthralling Fiddle Traditions of the North

Nordic Fiddlers Bloc – Deliverance (Nordic Fiddlers Bloc NFBCD001, 2016)

Northern Europe is a land with a great fiddling tradition. The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc brings together three virtuoso musicians representing three of these traditions. In this case, it’s the music of Norway, Sweden and Shetland (Scotland). Ancient routes connected these territories and the Nordic Fiddlers Bloc is developing new connections.

On their new album, titled Deliverance, the trio play a couple of traditional pieces from Sweden and Finland and the rest are original compositions by Kevin Henderson and Olav L. Mjelva, members of The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc, and composer Jon-Erik Hall.

Deliverance features a fascinating mix of instruments that are part of the fiddle family, including the violin, viola, hardanger fiddle, and the rare octave violin.

The lineup includes Anders Hall (Sweden) on violin and viola; Olav Luksengård Mjelva (Norway) on hardanger fiddle and octave violin; and Kevin Henderson (Shetland) on violin.

Together, The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc delivers masterful performances with beautifully crafted arrangements and interplay, mixing ageless traditions and instruments seamlessly.

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