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Artist Profiles: Ampron Prunni

Ampron Prunni

Ampron Prunni, composed of Arto Järvelä, Risto Hotakainen and Timo Valo, have continued to develop the rich tradition of Kaustinen fiddle music. The three musicians are well-known and respected in their native Finland for their extensive knowledge of the region’s music traditions, and also for their excellence in playing this style of music that they listened to and learned in their youth.

They have a deep connection to the music that they perform on their CD Ampron Prunni; it is the same style of music as was played 4 – 6 generations ago by their own ancestors. Arto Järvelä’s father and grandfather were given the honorary title of Master Fiddler, as was Risto Hotakainen’s father and Timo Valo’s uncle. Arto Järvelä’s forefathers were musicians in the 18th century.

Ampron Prunni performs not only with fiddles but with nyckelharpa and harmonium. Risto Hotakainen and Timo Valo began playing together in 1971 and all three were chosen to be among the first members to play in Finland’s professional folk music group Tallari in 1986.

Risto Hotakainen and Timo Valo are still working with Tallari as well as performing and teaching. Timo is also a composer and arranger. Arto has been playing, composing and arranging for JPP, Kimmo Pohjonen, Nordik Tree, Helsinki Mandoliners, Maria Kalaniemi, Erik Hokkanen and Eric and Kip Peltoniemi.

Besides the traditional selections, they play compositions by Otto Hotakainen and Konsta Jylha. Two of the trio, Arto Järvelä and Timo Valo, have also composed original tunes for the band.

Ampron Prunni means Ambrosius Valo’s well. Prunni is Swedish – from brunn, meaning water well. Ampro/Ambrosius was Timo’s grandfather. The name of the trio means symbolically “drawing the water” from the rich fiddle traditions of Kaustinen.

Risto Hotakainen – fiddle, mandolin, jouhikko; Arto Järvelä – nyckelharpa, fiddle, mandolin; and Timo Valo – harmonium.


Finland Kaustinen folk music festival 1990 (Brewhouse, 1990)
Halsualainen alotus (1991)
Ampron prunni (2006)