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Artist Profiles: 1001 Ways

1001 Ways
1001 Ways

Tobias Huber is one of the musicians behind the 1001 Ways project. He was born in Vevey in 1969. He received his first violin lessons from his father Klaus Huber an avant-garde composer.

From 1979 – 1984 Huber studied with Volker Biesenbender Mustapha Tettey Addy Ali Akbar Khan Sultan Khan and Zakir Hussain. During that time he traveled and studied in India. he also performed for a live TV concert broadcast for Amnesty International in Berne.

In the period of 1985-1998 Tobias Huber and his brother Michael Huber worked together on several music and puppetry projects. They performed at various international puppetry festivals

At the same time Tobias Huber worked with other musicians and dancers. In 1993 11 Ways released its album Live Moment with Hilarius Dauag.

In 1994 Huber worked on the CD production Paradiso Gregoriano with Jean Singgellos (Koch Records). The following year another collaboration with Singgellos followed Project Prophetizz.Huber also worked on music for TV ads including one for coffee machine maker Cacci.

11Ways recorded an album in1996 in Amsterdam with producer Paul Downs who had worked with Youssou N’Dour. 11 Ways also performed live throughout Switzerland and later collaborated in a series of concerts with the African group Farafina (Burkina Faso).

In 1999 Huber produced and engineered the CDs Myria and Tunga by Farafina at the 11 Ways Studio.

In 2 there were concerts and recordings with Hilarius Dauag (1001 Ways) featuring Barney Palm a former member of l;egendary Swiss band Brain ticket. that same year Huber recorded the CD Signs with Yvonne Guldimann.

World’s voices was released in 23 remixed by Jay Guru (Cafe del Mar). Huber participated as co-producer with Omega III of New York on the release of Nobilis Mysterium (Prophetizz). That same year11 Ways performed at the World Performing Arts Festival in Lahore Pakistan.


Artist Profiles: Betel Nuts Brothers

The Betel Nuts Brothers
The Betel Nuts Brothers

The Betel Nuts Brothers are a group of Pangcah aborigines from eastern Taiwan who blend traditional indigenous music with blues and Taiwanese folk. The group’s members come from all walks of life. Singer and guitarist Huegu is a construction worker; his brother Abi who sings and plays percussion; singer and jembe player Budu also works as a construction worker; and guitarist Docdoc is a surgeon.

The Betel Nuts Brothers was nominated for Golden Melody Award Taiwan’s most prestigious pop music award for their 23 release Hunters Who Lost Their Lands.


Artist Profiles: Adriana Varela

Adriana Varela
Adriana Varela

Tango singer Adriana Varela was born May 9, 1952 in Piñeiro, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since her artistic career began, Adriana Varela has taken the music of Argentina to the most important international tango festivals.

She has shared the stage with Paul Anka, Liza Minelli, Celia Cruz, Tito Puento, Arturo Sandoval, Daniela Mercury, Rita Marley, and Kenny G.

Adriana has participated as a guest in Joaquin Sabina’s recordings and is one of the main characters in the movie Tango by Carlos Saura.

Adriana Varela is possibly the most representative female tango artists worldwide.


Tangos (1991)
Maquillaje (1993)
Corazones perversos (1994)
Tangos del lengue (1995)
Cuando el río suena (1999)
Más tango (2001)
Encaje (2006)
Vivo (Acqua Records, 2007)
Docke (2009)
Adriana Varela y piano (2014)


Artist Profiles: Adrian Iaies

Adrian Iaies
Adrian Iaies

Argentine pianist Adrian Iaies’ unique style can best be described as a fusion of traditional tango and contemporary jazz. In 2000 he was nominated for a Latin Grammy in the jazz category for his album LasTardecitas de Minton’s (Acqua Records). Throughout his extensive career he has toured extensively on both sides of the Atlantic having shared the stage with artists such as Ron Carter, Lee Konitz, Michael Brecker, Dave Holland, John Patitucci, Chucho Valdes, and Dino Saluzzi.

In November 2000, Iaies recorded a new solo record in Barcelona called Tango reflections which was released worldwide in April, 2001. He has toured extensively in promotion of this release including dates in the Spanish Jazz Festival, La Semana de Jazz Latino de Madrid, the Miami Film Festival, and the Festival Internacional de los 7 Lagos in Argentina.

He is a member of the Bajofondo Tango Club.


* Nostalgias y otros vicios (S-Music, 1998)
* Las tardecitas de Minton’s (Acqua Records, 1999)
* Tango Reflections (Ensayo-RBA música, 2000)
* Plenitud (S-Music, 2000)
* Round midnight & otros tangos (Lola Records, 2002)
* Las cosas tienen movimiento (S-Music,2002)
* Nocturna (Ensayo-RBA musica, 2003)
* Astor Changes, with Tango reflections Trio (S-Music, 2005)
* Uno Dos Tres / Solo y bien acompañado (S-Music, 2007)
* Vals de la 81st & Columbus (Sunnyside Communications, 2008)
* Esa Sonrisa es un santo remedio (20 Misas, 2009)


Artist Profiles: Adrian D’Souza

Adrian D’Souza is a versatile drummer involved in the New York jazz circuit. Born in Bombay, India, he started his musical pursuits at the age of five, performing on national radio and television. After getting his B.A Economics from the Bombay University, he went on to take the drummers seat in the Louis Banks Quartet. His fascination with cultures and music of other countries led him to travel across the globe.

Over the years, Adrian has traveled to Africa, Middle East, Far East, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Europe and America. During these visits, he lived with the locals, assimilated the culture, studied the music, its ethnocity and the applications of specific rhythms. Adrian has performed at the Hasangatta festival in Bangalore which also featured Ali Akbar Khan and Grammy award winner Vishwa Mohan Bhut. Adrian d’Souza has worked with renowned Carnatic singer Rama Mani and mridangam maestro T.S. Mani from Bangalore.

Adrian D’Souza is now based in New York. He is a member of the International Association of Jazz Educators and a student of Peter Erskine. He works extensively with Roseanna Vitro. Adrian also works with Special EFX and Ratzo Harris . Besides studying and performing in and around the New York area , he has recorded with Roseanna Vitro, Jon Lucien, Special EfX, John Fedchock, Charles Pillow, Lao Tizer, Paranoise and The Indica Project.

Adrian has played with Art Davis, Eddie Gomez, Gary Bartz, John Hicks, Eddie Daniels, Ed Cherry, Mark Soskin, Chieli Minucci, Don Braden, Dave Mann, Gerald Veasley, Paul Keller, Chuck Bergeron, Jerry Brooks, Dave Kikoski , Shelly Berg and Mike Orta , who are among the most respected, famous jazz musicians in America.

In October 2003 he represented the Indian continent by performing in Johannesburg with the United Nations Jazz Orchestra featuring Miriam Makeba. In attendance were Nelson Mandela and President Mbeki of South Africa and the European Commission.

Adrian d’Souza’s debut album It’s About Time featuring Don Braden, Roseanna Vitro, Chieli Minucci, Allen Farnham and Bob Bowen was released during the winter of 2002.


Artist Profiles: Adolfo Osta

Adolfo Osta
Adolfo Osta

Adolfo Osta was born in Pamplona (Spain) in 1966. He’s a graduate of Spanish language in the University of Barcelona (1990). At the same time, he studied Spanish guitar, Renaissance lute and sight-reading. He was also involved in different courses and seminars on traditional music and literature and carrying out frequent work on the traditional song canon.

His own repertoire includes the recovery, arrangement and adaptation of songs from various regions of Spain and France: Galicia, Provence, Castile, Andalusia, Basque Country, and Occitania; as well as Arabic, and Sephardic music.

His stage career commenced in 1990 as a soloist and member of various bands, accompanying other artists (eg: Rosa Zaragoza, Toni Xucla) or collaborating on musical theater productions with such companies such as Teatre del Repartidor.




Artist Profiles: Adnan Joubran

Adnan Joubran
Adnan Joubran

Adnan Joubran was born 1985 in Nazareth (Palestine), to a musical family of singers, oud makers and players. He made his debut on the international stage in 2004 at the age of 18. He’s a member of Le Trio Joubran, an ensemble playing traditional Palestinian music. The trio consists of the brothers Samir, Wissam, and Adnan Joubran, originally from the city of Nazareth.


Tamaas (2002)
Randana (2005)
Majaz (2007)
À l’ombre des mots (2008)
AsFar, with Dhafer Youssef (2011)
The First Ten Years (2013)


Artist Profiles: Aditya Narayan Banerjee

Aditya Narayan Banerjee
Aditya Narayan Banerjee

Aditya Narayan Banerjee is an M.A. in Instrumental Music (percussion) from Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata. He was born in 1970 in a musical family. His father and sister both are sarod players. His uncle Sri B.B. Banerjee was a senior most disciple of Pandit Ravishankarji and A graded musician of AIR, New Delhi.

Aditya turned to tabla an early age of five when he started his training under guidance of Sri Shivshankar Karmakar, a prominent disciple of Late Ustad Karamatullah Khan of Farukhabad Gharana.

Since 1990 he has been under able guidance of the great tabla maestro Pandit Swapan Choudhuri, a great Exponent of Lucknow Gharana.

Aditya is Sangeet Prabhakar from Proyag Sangeet Samity, Allahabad and M. Mus from Troilokya Sangeet Parishad, Kolkata. He also completed a music appreciation course from West Bengal State Academy & is also a computer hardware and software engineer.

He was the faculty member of Pandit Jasraj school of Music Foundation, Tampa (Florida), USA. He also has to his credit execution of a joint workshop under the able guidance of Padmavibhusan Pandit Jasrajji.

Aditya led a Tabla Workshop for visually Impaired children at LaVoy Exceptional Center in Tampa, Florida, USA. He did a lecture demonstration at Renaissance Center For the non Indian audience organized by Project Ahimsha, Patel Foundation for Global Understanding & Renaissance Center for the Arts in Tampa.


Artist Profiles: Aditya Kalyanpur

Aditya Kalyanpur
Aditya Kalyanpur

Indian tabla player Aditya Kalyanpur was born July 21, 1978 in Mumbai, India. A student of the legendary late Ustad Alla Rakha and today of Ustad Zakir Hussain with whom he has collaborated and performed for many years now. Aditya Kalyanpur is well known in the west for his solo performance during the Rolling Stones concert held in Bombay and for the recording collaboration with their saxophonist Tim Ries. He has participated in some important festivals in India and abroad.

He’s recorded with John Beasley (“American Idol” music director), performed with GRAMMY-winner John Popper at the prestigious Carnegie Hall NYC, and Founded the New England School of Music in Boston, MA, as well as established the Shyamal Music Foundation in Mumbai, India – a non-profit created to promote, preserve and propagate Indian classical music by giving a platform to the next generation of talented musicians.

Aditya Kalyanpur is currently a member of the fusion group Tihai.


Artist Profiles: Adjagas


Norwegian act Adjagas is a yoik group formed in 2004 by Sara Marielle Gaup and Lawra Somby, both from a long line of Sami ancestry. A yoiker is a singer or a chanter with a Sami origin, and it represents a very historically important part of the musical history of Northern Europe.

Sara Marielle Gaup, born in 1984, is from Guovdageaidnu/Kautokeino, whose musical heritage was passed down to her from her parents and generations before that. She began singing at a very early age, and it was through continued musical education at SMG she developed her unique sense of performance and perfected her singing voice.

Lawra Somby, born in 1981, was taught the great gift of yoiking from his father, Ande Somby. Lawra started performing on a variety of stages in 1997, and he has performed his music both solo as well as with his father Ande, making him a an experienced singer with a strong stage presence.

Yoik is not about making stories about people, animals, situations or landscapes. Yoik is the young woman, the eagle, the grass field by the river they are recreations of a moment, a sense, a memory how the wings of a bird slowly touches your chin, the smell of a fireplace and and how it evokes memories. The yoik is about bringing memories into the light of day, making them available and inviting new people into this special world

Samiland, also known as Lapland, is the territory at the very northernmost parts of Norway, Sweden and Finland, spreading into Russia.


Adjágas (2005)
Mánu Rávdnji (2009)
Nordic Woman (2012)