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The Serene Gift of the Flute

Tony Duncan – Purify

Tony Duncan – Purify (Canyon Records CR-7209, 2017)

Purify is the new album by American Indian musician Tony Duncan. He plays peaceful, meditative music on cedar and cane flutes. The Apache River cane flute comes from his father’s side of the family, the San Carlos Apache in Arizona. The cedar flute tradition was transmitted through Tony’s mother. She’s from North Dakota, part of the Mandan Hidatsa Arikara tribes.

Although Purify features exclusively solo flute, Tony Duncan adds exquisite overdubs, adding mesmerizing echoing flutes, as a form of distant call and response.

The titles of the musical pieces give you an accurate sense of the album’s atmosphere: Purify, Meditation, Restoring Balance, Emergence, Healing Prayer, Reflection, Restore, Buffalo Sage, Medicine Dream, Creation, Our Hidden Journey, and Luminaria.

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The Exquisite Flute of Tony Duncan

Tony Duncan - Native Son
Tony Duncan – Native Son
Tony Duncan

Native Son (Canyon Records CR-7203, 2013)

Native Son is a beautiful solo flute album of original and traditional Native American music by Tony Duncan. Duncan uses the Native American flute to deliver a collection of evocative pieces that celebrate nature, wildlife, love, American Indian life and spirituality.

Tony Duncan has Apache (American southwest) and Mandan-Hidatsa-Arikara (affiliated tribes from North Dakota) heritage. He is a Native American Music Award winner and five-time World Championship Hoop Dancer.

Duncan’s discography includes Earth Warrior: Light of Our Ancestors, Traditional Cane Flute, and Vol. 2 – Melodies of the Cane Flute.

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Earth Warrior

Tony Duncan – Earth Warrior
Tony Duncan

Earth Warrior (Canyon Records CR-7094, 2012)

Earth Warrior is the new solo album by American Indian flutist Tony Duncan. The album features a collection of evocative and meditative solo flute instrumental pieces, ensemble tracks with light drums, percussion and guitars and occasional vocals.

“The instrument of the flute was passed on to me by my father when I was ten years old,” says Duncan in the liner notes. “He would play beautiful songs like ‘Zuni sunrise’ and ‘Taos Round dance’ as I would keep the rhythm with a drum or gourd rattle. I would watch him play with his eyes closed, as music floated in the air and settled in my heart. Since then I’ve been in love with the sound of the Native American flute.”

Duncan’s mesmerizing music is inspired by nature, the beautiful canyon in the southwest, the stories of the ancestors, the trickster coyote and how things came to be. Joining Duncan is his regular collaborator Darrin Yazzie on guitar.

Tony Duncan is of the Apache, Arikara, Hidatsa and Mandan Indian Nations. In addition to his skill as a accomplished Apache cane flute player and powwow dancer, he is also a renowned five time World Champion Hoop Dancer. His flute style incorporates northern plains and southwestern styles.

Duncan is a member of as contemporary native roots ensemble called Estun-Bah. The group is an instrumental trio formed by Duncan, Darrin Yazzie on guitar, and Jeremy Dancing Bull on drums. Duncan also performs with his family’s performance group, the Yellow Bird Indian Dancers. He has appeared in the music video for Nelly Furtado’s single “Big Hoops (The Bigger the Better)” and toured with her to promote the song on several awards show and television appearances.

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