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Artist Profiles: Randal Bays

Randal Bays

A masterful guitarist, Randal first garnered international attention on Green Linnet’s landmark recording with Irish fiddle phenomenon Martin Hayes. Rooted in both Irish and jazz traditions, as fiddler Randal is blessed with a wonderfully light touch on the bow and a rhythm and lift that bounces the tunes along without ever feeling hurried. He frequently appears with Dáithí Sproule, guitarist of the Irish supergroup Altan.


Celtic Music Of The Northwest (1982)
The Rashers (1988)
Pigtown Fling, with Joel Bernstein (Foxglove Records, 1996)
Out Of The Woods (Foxglove Records, 1997)
The Salmon’s Leap (Foxglove Records, 2000)
House To House, with Roger Landes (Foxglove Records, 2004)
Overland, with Dáithí Sproule (Foxglove Records, 2004)
Katy Bar The Door (Foxglove Records, 2006)
Fingal, with Dáithí Sproule and James Keane (New Folk Records, 2008)
Dig With It, with Dave Marshall (Foxglove Records, 2009)
Oyster Light (Foxglove Records)
The Quiet Pint (Foxglove Records, 2014)
A Rake Of Tunes (Foxglove Records, 2014)