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Artist Profiles: Dubulah


Dubulah (also known as Nick Page, Count Dubulah, Dub Colossus, Tax D, Kid Ouzo) is a writer producer guitar and bass player as well as a remixer editor and programmer who has worked with a long list of notable artists and eccentrics. Page has been involved in the cross cultural music scene for millennia and on many chart albums and wildly improbable projects.

He has been involved in the cross cultural music scene for millennia and on many chart albums and wildly improbable projects.

He was a founder member of TransGlobal Underground (with Hamilton Lee and Tim Whelan). As part of that production team he produced Dream of 1 Nations International Times Interplanetary Meltdown Psychic Karaoke and 1991-1998: Backpacking on the Graves of Our Ancestors for the Nation/BMG/Sony/MCA labels.

Also as part of TransGlobal Underground he produced Natacha Atlas’ albums Diaspora Halim The Remix Collection Best of Natacha Atlas and TransGlobal Underground.

He is a member and founder of Temple of Sound together with Neil Sparkes. As part of Temple of Sound he produced the folowing recordings: Los de Abajo’s LDA V. The Lunatics (Real World Records); Temple of Sound/Rizwan-Muazzam Qawwali’s People’s Colony No. 1 (Real World Records); six tracks of Natacha Atlas’ latest CD Mish Maoul (Beggars Banquet) and the song ‘This is a Man’s World’ on Atlas’ Something Dangerous (Beggars Banquet) CD; Eluesis Tales of the Holy’ (Track 7 Records Greece); and with Jah Wobble and Neil Sparkes he co-produced Shout at the Devil for the 3 Hertz label.

As Dubulah he produced The Voodoo Queens an all girl Asian punk band inc number 1 single ‘Super ModeKeannu Reeves’ and album Chocolate Revenge (Too Pure). For BMG Italy and Universal he produced Almamegretta’s ‘SuonnoBorn Again Cretin’ Played/programmed on and toured Almamegretta’s Platinum album ‘Lingo’ andQuattro/Quatri CDs.

He also produced Headbutt recordings for Pigboy and Vinyl Solution. For Beggars USA and Nation he produced 2 albums fro Lunar Drive 2 albums Here at Black Mesa Arizona All Together Here. For Nation and together with Loop Guru he co-produced The Shrine Hope and Sussan.

As a guitarist and bass player he worked with Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra(Mango/Island); Billy Jenkins and Voice of God Collective for Wiija Anjali Bhatia ‘The World of Lady A’ and ‘ANJALI’ Raiz ‘Wop’ (Universal); Fundamental (Nation Records) on ‘Seize the TimeThere shall be love’ and ‘All is War’. He also worked with Slab Pinky and the Puritans Loop Guru ( Nation Records) on ‘Duniya’; and with Phono-erotic Project Dark on ‘ Excited by Gramaphones Vol 4.’

He has programmed for Jah Wobble, Neil Sparkes and Last Tribe, Lunar Drive, Almamegretta, Fundamental, Project Dark, Bert Weedon and more.

As a remixer with Temple of Sound Transglobal and in his own name Dub Colossus has reworked tracks for artists including: Ladysmith Black Mambazo Cheb i Sabbah Enzo Avitabile Banco de Gaia Claude Challe Seiger The Fatback Band Lucinda Sieger Clara Nunes Dodgy Pop will Eat Itself The Tom Tom Club The Congo’s Fundamental Jah Wobble and the Invaders of the Heart.

In late 2006 Dubulah recorded an album in Ethiopia. It was released under the artist name “Dub Colossus” Titled ‘A Town Called Addis ‘ it features Teremag Weretow (singer on “Axum Dub”who appears on Globalhead latest Temple of Sound CD) and other great singers and players from Addis Ababa.

Dubulah also worked with Syrian qanun Maestro Abdullah Chhade as well as a Greek album with microtonal composer Jimi Papatzanateas and music for the wonderful Immodesty Blaize ( Miss Exotic World 2007).


Black Orchid (Schtumm 1998)

People’s Colony No. 1 (Real World Records, 2001)

First Edition (Wagram, 2002)

Shout at the Devil (3 Hertz Records, 2002)

Gold of the Sun – Live (Diesel Motor Records, 2004)

Afro Melt (Nascente, 2002) Compilation by Neil Sparkes

3 Dredds and Brew – Single (Schtumm 1998)

Sugar Cane Hustle 12″ EP (Underground Sounds, 2000)

Chica Bonita – Single (Wagram, 2002)

Los De Abajo: L LDA V. The Lunatics (Real World, 2005) Producers/Musicians

Natacha Atlas: Mish Maoul(Beggars Banquet) 2006 (Producers/Musicians/Co-writers)

Cheb i Sabbah: Remixes (Six Degrees) Traveler 6

Globalhead (Namaste Records/Koch Records, 2007)