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Artist Profiles: La Cuneta Son Machín

La Cuneta Son Machin

Nicaraguan group La Cuneta Son Machin was formed in 2009. The band combines the traditional music of Nicaragua and Latin America with rock, ska, hip hop and funk.

The third album, Mondongo, was produced by American musician and producer Greg Landau.

Their 2017 album, Cañambuco, recorded at Jingle Town studios in Oakland, also produced by Greg Landau and mixed by Carlos Álvarez, represents a continuation of the deep experimental work with traditional Nicaraguan music started with Mondongo.

Band members include Carlos Luis Mejía, Omar Suazo, Carlos Guillén Mejía, Ernesto López y Augusto Mejía.


El Zafarrancho

Amor Fritanguero

Mondongo (2015)

Cañambuco (2017)