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If Wishes Were Horses

Kris Drever – If Wishes Were Horses

Kris Drever – If Wishes Were Horses (Reveal Records, 2016)

Guitarist and vocalist Kris Drever departs from music rooted in British Isles tradition on If Wishes Were Horses. The album is a singer-songwriter effort with Drever focusing on lyrics. The acoustic folk arrangements are much more basic than what you would find in his regular band, Lau.

Guests include Ian Carr on guitars, trumpet and vocals; Euan Burton on bass, vocals and keyboards; Louis Abbott on drums and vocals; and Yolanda Quartey on vocals.


Artist Profiles: Kris Drever

Kris Drever is an Orcadian whose multi-instrumentalism ranges from singing to playing guitar banjo and double bass. His talents have been in great demand since moving to Edinburgh in 1995.

Kris has worked on a wide array of different projects quickly moving from traditional pub sessions to the gigging circuit to playing large tours of the United States and Chile with dance show Celtic Fusion.

After leaving Celtic Fusion Kris began working with Fine Friday and also worked as a session musician for a variety of artists including the Battlefield Band, John McCusker, Cathie Ryan, Harem Scarem, Clare McLaughlin and his father folk singer Ivan. Since then Kris has toured much of Europe Canada and Australia with Fine Friday and many other outfits. He has also toured Canada with trumpeter and fiddlerDaniel Lapp and England Ireland and Wales with folk superstar Kate Rusby. Kris also performs with Eamonn Coyne and plays in the John McCusker band and Session A9.

Kris’ debut solo album Black Water (Reveal Records) was released in Oct 26 to critical acclaim and was produced by and features John McCusker with friends Kate Rusby Donald Shaw Andy Seward Andy Cutting Roddy Woomble and Eddi Reader.


Black Water (2006)
Lightweights and Gentlemen, with Lau (2007)
Honk Toot Suite, with Eamonn Coyne (2007)
Live, with Lau (2008)
Before the Ruin, with Roddy Woomble and John McCusker (2008)
Arc Light, with Lau (2009)
Storymap, with Eamonn Coyne (2013)
Mark the Hard Earth (2010)