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Artist Profiles: Katja Šulc

Katja Šulc – Photo by Rok Mar

Poet, singer and composer Katja Šulc was born in 1973 in Krško, Slovenia. She studied music in Slovenia and at the New School in New York. Her style combines hypnotic soul, dub, jazz, world music and electronic music.

Her debut album Mila (2008) set to music the poems of renowned Slovenian actress and poet Mila Kačič.

Twisted Delight (2013) features Katja’s own poetic lyrics, while Kamlisajlan (2016) is based on contemporary Roma poetry from the Balkans and Eastern Europe. The album was created together with Mexican musician Alban Usatch between France, Mexico and Slovenia, using loop stations and repetitive world music rhythm patterns.


Mila (Sanje, 2008)
Twisted Delight (celinka, 2013)
Kamlisajlan (Casete Mexico, 2016)