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Journey to Korean Music Celebrates 10th Year in 2017

Music Group NaMu, one of the Korean acts scheduled to showcase in 2017

“Journey to Korean Music,” a platform that presents the music and culture of Korea to world music professionals from around the globe will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2017. The program provides support for traditional Korean performance organizers seeking to take their music abroad. Through Journey to Korean Music, Korean organizations can access opportunities for promotion and take steps to move forward into the international market, while overseas experts can gain an understanding of both Korean culture and music.

Over 120 international world music experts have visited Korea to take part in this program over the years.

Since 2008, approximately 67 percent have successfully entered markets in Poland, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Norway, France and Denmark.

Participation in Journey to Korean Music has also led to numerous other performance opportunities at events such as the 2010 WOMEX Opening Ceremony in Denmark, and Korean focused programs at Colours of Ostrava in the Czech Republic and the Paris Autumn Festival.

The KAMS-EFWMF Tour Grant was also created in partnership with the European Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals (EFWMF), which includes some 40 member festivals, to support Korean performance organizations seeking to conduct tours in Europe.

More at en.pams.or.kr