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Cordoba Guitar Festival Announces 2018 Courses and Master Classes

Acclaimed international guitar event Festival de la Guitarra de Córdoba will offer twelve courses and two master classes in 2018.

The festival includes concerts by some of the world’s finest guitarists, such as Vicente Amigo and Pat Metheny. Additionally, the festival regularly features workshops and master classes I the areas of flamenco, classical music and jazz.

Classical guitar

Prestigious Cuban maestro Leo Brouwer returns to Córdoba to teach a classical guitar course on styles and articulation. It will be on July 6 and 7.

During July 6-8, the festival welcomes Polish renowned musician Marcin Dylla, who will work with his students on different and effective techniques to improve the interpretation.

Manuel Barrueco will offer an interpretation course on July 9 and 10; while David Russell will teach his technical workshop on July 10 and 11.

Paraguayan Berta Rojas will lead the final classical guitar educational program on July 12 and 13 with a course on the work of Barrios and Lauro, the classical guitar in Latin American music.

Flamenco guitar

The flamenco guitar is the other great pillar of the training program. On this occasion, four of the most prestigious masters of the national and international scene will assemble in Cordoba. The series begins with Juan Manuel Cañizares, who will teach a workshop of flamenco guitar technical exercises to develop improvisation from July 5 to 7.

Maestro José Antonio Rodríguez will lead a course July 8-10 dedicated to the flamenco concert guitar.

Meanwhile, Paco Jarana will conduct a workshop July 8-9 dedicated to flamenco guitar accompaniment.

Legendary guitarist Manolo Sanlúcar will present his traditional flamenco guitar course which he has called “Architecture and pillars of flamenco.”

Flamenco Dance

Each year, the Festival de la Guitarra de Córdoba reserves a section of its formative program to flamenco dancing. On this occasion, the instructors will be María Pagés, Eva Yerbabuena and Javier Latorre, who will teach their classes at the Teatro de la Axerquía.

Master classes

Finally, the 38th Festival de la Guitarra de Córdoba will host two master classes. The first will feature jazz guitarist Mike Stern as the protagonist and will be held on July 9 at the Teatro de la Axerquía.

The second master class will take place on July 13 at the Góngora Theater, led by prestigious Brazilian guitarist João Bosco. Attendance at these master classes includes free admission to their respective concerts.

More information about the concerts, workshops, and discounts for students at www.guitarracordoba.es


Artist Profiles: Joao Bosco

João Bosco de Freitas Mucci, better known as João Bosco was born in Ponte Nova, minas Gerais, Brazil in 1946. Joao Bosco cut his musical teeth in a family where music was just as important as eating and sleeping: his mother was an accomplished violinist; his father, a singer of samba; his sister, a concert pianist; and his brother, a composer. While attending Ouro Preto University, Bosco became steeped in American jazz (Miles Davis in particular), and the Bossa Nova sound of Joao Gilberto and Antonio Carlos Jobim. It was also at this university that he met lyricist Vinicius de Moraes, who contributed beautiful poetic lyrics to Bosco’s music.

In the 1970s Bosco became involved musically with Aldir Blanc, a psychiatrist who decided to give up his practice to become a lyricist. An extremely clever writer, Blanc became the perfect foil for Bosco and the two would work together, quite successfully, until the mid-1980s.

In 1977, Bosco wrote what was (and is) his most personal protest song, “O Bebaido e a Equilibrista” (The Drunkard and the Tightrope Walker), which became the theme song of Amnesty International.

Bosco’s American breakthrough followed a guest appearance with jazz guitarist Lee Ritenour on the latter’s 1988 record Festival. By the early 90’s, Bosco mounted a major tour of the U.S. and has since become increasingly popular internationally, playing year after year at the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival.

His music is rooted in Brazil’s classic Samba and Bossa Nova traditions; a combination of rock and roll, jazz and other ethnic styles in an eclectic brew.


Disco De Bolso (Pasquim) (1972)
João Bosco (1973)
Caça à Raposa (1975)
Galos De Briga (1976)
Disco De Ouro, with Aldir Blanc (1977)
Tiro De Misericórdia (1977)
Linha De Passe (1979)
Bandalhismo (1980)
Essa É A Sua Vida (1981)
Comissão De Frente (1982)
João Bosco Ao Vivo (1983)
Gagabirô (1984)
Cabeça de Nego (1986)
Ai Ai Ai De Mim (1987)
Bosco (1989)
Zona De Fronteira (1991)
Acústico MTV (1992)
Na Onda Que Balança (1994)
Dá Licença Meu Senhor (1995)
As Mil E Uma Aldeias (1997)
Benguelê (1998)
Na Esquina (2000)
João Bosco Ao Vivo (2001)
Malabaristas Do Sinal Vermelho (2003)
Songbook 1/2/3 (2003)
Obrigado Gente! Ao Vivo (2006)
Senhoras do Amazonas (2010)
Não vou pro céu, mas já não vivo no chão (2009)
40 Anos Depois (2012)