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Artist Profiles: Guillermo Anderson

Guillermo Anderson

Guillermo Anderson was born February 26, 1962. He was Honduras’s best-known world music artist along with Garifuna musician Aurelio Martinez.

Guillermo was based in the lively Caribbean port of La Ceiba. His band Ceibana infused Afro-Caribbean percussion with contemporary sounds, local rhythms, and the folklore of Honduras’ coastal regions. Performances wee spiced with the merging of Honduran Garífuna rhythms such as “parranda” and “punta” with better-known reggae, salsa and other Caribbean styles.

His concerts celebrated love, nature and everyday life in this part of the Caribbean. As an artist Guillermo played an important role in Honduras bringing awareness on important issues like the protection of the environment, health and literacy. His song “En Mi País” became an alternative national anthem in Honduras. His concert “La Fiesta En El Bosque” The Party In the Forest”, a recording aimed at familiarizing children with rainforest species in danger of extinction gained him a wide children’s audience in Honduras.

Guillermo Anderson and his band Ceibana gained wide recognition and acclaim through their concert performances throughout North, Central and South America, Europe, Taiwan, and Japan.

Guillermo Anderson died on August 6, 2016.


Para Los Chiquitos (1986)
En mi país (Colectivartes, 1987)
Retratos (Colectivartes, 1989)
La Fuerza Que Tenés (Colectivartes/Comunica, 1992)
La Fiesta En El Bosque (Colectivartes/Guaymuras, 1994)
En El Patio De Mi Casa (Colectivartes/Comunica, 1995)
Para los Chiquitos (Costa Norte Records, 1995)
Rumor de Mar 1995 (Colectivartes, )
Guillermo Anderson Acústico 1997 (Costa Norte Records, 1997)
Todos Unidos (Costa Norte Records/UNESCO, 2001)
Encarguitos del caribe (2005)
Costa y Calor (2005)
Pobre marinero (2005)
El tesoro que tienes (2006)
Desde el fondo de el mar (2006)
Mujer canción mujer (2006)
Del tiempo y del tropico (2007)
Para los chiquitos, reissue (2008)
El tesoro que tenes (2009)
Lluvia con sol (2012)


Del Tiempo y El Tropico – Honduras Of Time and the Tropics (Koninklijk Instituut Voor De tropen )