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Woven Threads, a Remarkable Connection of Cutting Edge Jazz and Chilean Folk

Stu Mindeman – Woven Threads (Sunnyside Records, 2018)

Pianist and composer Stu Mindeman intertwines the sounds of North and South America in Woven Threads. The Chicago-based musician spent his childhood in Chile when his father played with the Santiago Symphony. At the time, Stu was exposed to South American folk music and he celebrates Chilean music with various collaborations with Chilean artists. He returned to South America to record some of the sessions in Santiago, Chile.

Musically, Woven Threads takes the listener to a marvelous voyage where contemporary jazz, Chilean folk music, Latin American beats and Latin jazz fusion come together.

The highlights of the album are the songs that feature outstanding Chilean singer Francesca Ancarola; Stu Mineman’s fine piano and electronic keyboard work, soundscapes and delightful string arrangements; Kurt Elling’s exquisite vocals, Matt Gold’s fabulous guitar, and Marquis Hill’s trumpet solo. The album flows beautifully, except for the tiresome rapping by Ana Tijoux.

Woven Threads showcases masterfully-crafted world fusion by talented jazz musician and musical explorer Stu Mindeman.