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Artist Profiles: Jenna Reid

Hailing from Shetland, Jenna Reid grew up immersed in the island’s rich fiddle tradition. At the age of nine she began to learn the fiddle and was taught by the late Dr Tom Anderson. When fiddle tuition became available in schools Jenna studied with the late Willie Hunter and was under his direction until the age of 13; during that time she was a prominent prize-winner in the Shetland’s Young Fiddler of the Year Competition and by the age of 14 had won both the intermediate and open sections of this annual competition.

Through this success she was subsequently invited to compete in the Glennfiddich Fiddle Competition. While still at school Jenna also took lessons from Trevor Hunter and Margaret Scollay. In addition to playing the fiddle Jenna also studied classical piano. On leaving school Jenna went on to study a BA in Traditional Scottish Music at the Royal Academy of Music & Drama in Glasgow. Whilst studying fiddle she also played piano and piano accordion as well as being introduced to singing.

Jenna has also performed since a young age and Shetland band Filska was where this began. Under the direction of mum Joyce Jenna along with her sister Bethany and friend Gemma Wilson had played together since a young age and in 1995 Filska released their debut album entitled Harvest Home. This was to be followed in 1998 with their second release Time and Tide. It was this album that saw Filska begin to make a name for themselves not only in Scotland but throughout Europe and beyond. Their success saw them play to audiences in Norway Sweden Denmark Italy Ireland France Canada and the US.

Filska’s trip to America came as an invitation to represent Scotland at the Millennium Celebrations in Disney’s Epcot Centre. Following this Filska performed live as part of the Scottish Millennium Celebrations along with Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham in a show that was broadcast to over 6 countries. Jenna also performs with Dochas who have been taking the traditional music world by storm.

Now based in Glasgow Jenna enjoys work as both a performer and teacher having tutored alongside legendary fiddler Liz Carroll. In addition to this Jenna has also toured and played with Scottish acts Deaf Shepherd Fiddlers’ Bid John Raes Celtic Feet and Kevin MacKenzie’s Vital Signs.

In 2005 Jenna released her debut solo CD With Silver and All and received the Scottish Traditional Music award for Best Up and Coming Soloist.


With Silver and All (2005)
The Laughing Girl (2008)
Morning Moon (2012)


Artist Profiles: Filska


Filska is a band from the Shetland Islands, who built their music on the Islands tradition of fiddle playing. The word Filska comes from the Shetland dialect, and means mischievous and high-spirited. The line up includes sisters Jenna (Fiddle/Accordion/Vocals) and Bethany Reid (Fiddle/Piano/Vocals), Gemma Wilson (Fiddle/Vocals) and Andrew Tulloch (Guitar/Vocals).

As girls, they grew up together playing traditional Shetland music through the encouragement of Jenna and Bethany’s mother, Joyce Reid. Throughout their upbringing, the late, great fiddlers Tom Anderson and Willie Hunter taught the girls. They also had tuition from Eunice Henderson, Margaret Scollay and Trevor Hunter. Under this fine direction, they each went on to become prominent prize-winners of Shetland’s Young Fiddler of the Year competition.

In 1995, the band recorded their debut album, titled Harvest Home. The album included traditional material from Shetland, Scotland and Ireland, and confirmed their musical talents from an early age. Following the success of this recording, Filska began to perform increasingly on the Mainland of Scotland at various concerts and festivals. Subsequently, Filska were invited to perform on the Grampian TV traditional music program Ceol na Fidhle, recorded live at Coo Cathedral, Aboyne, Aberdeenshire.

The band returned to the studio in 1998 to record their second album Time and Tide. Shetland singer, guitarist and recording engineer Andrew Tulloch, recorded the album and played guitar on the recording. Before long, Tulloch was a member of the band. Time and Tide introduced the band to a much wider audience, and their line up of three fiddles, guitar, accordion, piano and vocals delighted audiences throughout Ireland, France, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Canada and the States. Filska’s trip to the USA came as an invitation to perform at the millennium celebrations held in the Epcot Centre, Florida. On their return to the U.K., Filska performed as finalists in the BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award in London.

Since the release of their second album, Filska has integrated an increasing amount of original tunes and songs to their set, as well as performing their own native music. This approach to traditional, Shetland and contemporary tunes is what gives Filska their highly unique and innovative sound.


Harvest Home (1995)

Time and Tide (1998)

A Thousand Miles Away (Foot Stomping CDFSR1723, 2003)