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A Guitar Tribute to Women and Equity

Pablo Romero Luis – Desnudas de palabras (Pablo Romero Luis, 2019)

Desnudas de palabras (bare of words) is a wonderful tribute to women. Madrid guitarist Pablo Romero Luis admires the courage of women in their struggle to change society in favor of equality. It is also an instrumental ode to song. The album recovers a 19th century concept of songs without words.

Pablo Romero Luis – Desnudas de palabras

Although many Spanish guitarists reviewed at World Music Central come straight from the flamenco world, Pablo Romero Luis has classical musical training and uses the venerable Spanish classical guitar.

Desnudas de palabras was successfully crowdfunded and incorporates classical music, flamenco, traditional music, Brazilian bossa nova influences and jazz. It is a masterful display of the versatility of the guitar, interacting with musicians from various musical traditions.

This project has been possible after the conviction that the best way to find oneself and connect with others is sincerity,” says Pablo.  “This has involved a difficult personal evolution and I have to recognize that the tenacity and perseverance of these women has been an abundant source of motivation, which is why I think that making their struggle a recurring theme is a necessary contribution so that fewer and fewer women feel naked, bare of words.”

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Splendid Mix of Chamber Music and Traditional Sounds

Ensemble Galilei – From Whence We Came (Sono Luminus, 2016)

Ensemble Galilei brings together the worlds of classical music and the folk melodies of Scotland, Ireland and Sweden. The American acoustic ensemble has a chamber music feel, featuring virtuoso musicians playing a mix of classical and traditional music instruments. The Ensemble’s name was inspired by composer Vincenzo Galilei.

Ensemble Galilei’s latest release, From Whence We Came, is a 2-disc set with an audio CD and a Blu-Ray disc. The music selection switches from lively traditional folk tunes to evocative classical pieces and a handful of original compositions.

The lineup on From Whence We Came includes Isaac Alderson on uilleann pipes, Irish flute, whistle; Ryan McKasson on fiddle; Kathryn Montoya on baroque oboe and recorder; Jackie Moran on drums, percussion, banjo, vocals; Sue Richards on Celtic harp, and Carolyn Surrick on viola da gamba.

The Blu-Ray disc includes high resolution Surround Sound and Stereo versions of the recording.

From Whence We Came is a splendid recording that showcases the beauty of combining classical and traditional Celtic and Nordic music.

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