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Significant Music Festival Colours of Ostrava 2018

The annual music festival Colours of Ostrava will take place July 18-21, 2018 in Ostrava, Czech Republic.

The lineup this year includes Oumou Sangare, Cheikh Lô, Dobet Gnahoré, Omar Sosa & Seckou Keita, Ziggy Marley, Calexico, Dirtmusic, Radio cos, Debashish Bhattacharya, BraAgas and many more.

Colours of Ostrava is a multi-genre music festival organised annually in Ostrava since 2002. The festival features international acts, including world music artists.

More at www.colours.cz


Calexico Takes a Slight Detour

Calexico – The Thread That Keeps Us (Anti Records, 2018)

Calexico’s 9th studio album, The Thread That Keeps Us (Anti- records), is a slight detour from their usual Americana–Mexicana sound, but is no less captivating. Three years since their last release, the southwest duo of Joey Burns and John Convertino bring us 15 new tracks, written while on a self-imposed reconnaissance to northern California. They revisit their own musical youth and inspirations, the nostalgia of old haunts, favorite bands and family. It seems these inspirations are the thread, but the album is simultaneously a lament for the current world climate. This is reflected in a more chaotic sound than previous albums.

Opening track, ‘End of the World With You’ is pure pop, engulfing you in jangly guitar that becomes wilder as the song progresses. ‘Voices in the Field’ is raw and distorted with grittier vocals from Burns, whereas ‘Bridge to Nowhere’ is a haunting beauty showcasing his higher range. ‘Under the Wheels’ experiments with synth beats and dub, while grieving US policy, “…deep in the war regime, always someone else’s scheme…”.



Burns’ musical tastes are laid bare with the cool funk of ‘Another Space’, the edgy Pixies sound of ‘Eyes Wide Awake’, and 60s Cramps-like garage punk of ‘Dead in the Water’. All different territory for Calexico, but great tributes to their experimentation and eclectic musicianship.

‘Girl in the Forest’ and ‘Music Box’ are two heartfelt tributes to Burns’s twin daughters, clearly central to his purpose in life and love.

Jairo Zavala Ruiz provides lead vocals on groovy ‘Flores y Tamales’, the sole Spanish track on this album, bound to be a favorite at their live performances.

Followers know the band love a bit of the obscure, their albums always punctuated by atmospheric instrumental tracks. There’s classic Calexican eeriness in ‘Spinball’, and wafting psychedelia in ‘Shortboard’.

A highlight of the album is ‘Thrown to the Wild’, a broody slow-build reminiscent of ‘All Systems Red’ (2006) or ‘World Undone’ (2015). Beautiful musical chaos.

These guys are seriously talented. On most albums Burns plays no less than ten instruments. Convertino’s drums and percussion are unmistakable – quintessential to the whole Calexico sound.
The current lineup of Burns, Convertino, Martin Wenk, Jacob Valenzuela, Sergio Mendoza, Jairo Zavala Ruiz, and Scott Colberg tour Europe and the US in Spring 2018.

The U.S. release date for The Thread that Keeps Us is January 26, 2018. Album art by Ryan Trayte.

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Artist Profiles: Calexico


Calexico is an influential band that plays border music, a mix of Tex-Mex and southwestern music, country and rock. Although the band founders, Joey Burns and John Convertino, originally met in California, Calexico was formed in Tucson, Arizona.

Each of their albums attracted attention, from their debut Spoke (1996) to The Black Light (1998), the breakthrough, mariachi-infused Hot Rail (2000), to their highly successful Feast of Wire (2003), that ventured into ambient electronica and Gil Evans influenced jazz.

In early 2004, Calexico released a live DVD, Calexico – World Drifts In, taken from a remarkable performance at the Barbican in London.

In 2006 Calexico released Garden Ruin, officially the band’s fifth album, aside from their numerous tour-only CDs. Written in Bisbee, Arizona; recorded in Tucson, Arizona; mixed in Brooklyn, New York; and mastered in California.


Spoke (Quarterstick Records, 1997)
The Black Light (Quarterstick Records, 1998)
Aerocalexico (1999)
Hot Rail (Quarterstick Records, 2000)
Feast of Wire (Quarterstick Records, 2003)
Convict Pool EP (Quarterstick Records, 2004)
Garden Ruin (Quarterstick Records, 2006)
Carried to Dust (Quarterstick Records, 2008)
Selections From Road Atlas 1998-2011 Quarterstick Records, 2011)
Algiers (Anti, 2012)
Spiritoso (2013)
Edge of the Sun (Anti, 2015)


Calexico – World Drifts In, Live At The Barbican London (Quarter Stick)